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A teoria da relatividade especial e geral. Einstein: o enigma do universo. Enigmas do universo. Livro digital e bibliotecas: Liliana Giusti Serra. Termodinamica quimica: teoria y metodos basicos. Calculo tensorial e relatividade geral: uma introducao. O big bang: a origem do universo.

Fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy for diagnosis of clinically similar skin lesions. Estudos das enzimas adenosina kinase isoforma 1, hipoxantina-guanina fosforibosiltransferase isoformas 1, 2 e 3, adenilsuccinato liase, adenilsuccinato sintetase de Schistosoma mansoni. Controlador para bobinas de shimming via HTTP. Thermal expansion coefficient for a trapped Bose gas during phase transition. Production of a Bose-Einstein condensate of sodium atoms and investigation considering non-linear atom-photon interactions. O acaso criador. Os desafios da escrita.

Amilases microbianas. Um curso de algebra linear. Descobrindo o universo. A astronomia indigena. O segredo espacial. O tempo das redes. Teoria do conhecimento. Desenvolvimento, tecnologia e governabilidade. A metamorfose. Quintana de bolso: Rua dos Cataventos e outros poemas. Pioneiros e empreendedores: a saga do desenvolvimento no Brasil.

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Anita Malfatti: a festa da cor. Thomas Jr. Divertimentos-descobertas: estudos criativos para o desenvolvimento musical. A busca pela compreensao cosmica: cronicas para despertar o interesse pela fisica e a ciencia em geral. Morte e vida severina e outros poemas. Meteoritos: cofres da nebulosa solar. O fim da eternidade. Livro do desassossego: composto por Bernardo Soares, ajudante de guarda-livros na cidade de Lisboa.

Molecular biology of the cell. Drummond: o gauche no tempo. Sistemas de controle modernos. Teoria da medida. A visita de Marie Curie ao Brasil. Magnetismo molecular. Equacoes diferenciais. Google: a biografia. Poeta de gaveta. Sinais e sistemas. Os jovens e a leitura: uma nova perspectiva. Analise de fourier: problemas resolvidos, problemas propostos. Transformadas de Fourier. An introduction to aqueous electrolyte solutions. Where you work matters: student affairs administration at different types of institutions.

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Organic light-emitting materials and devices. An introduction to Hilbert space and quantum logic. A copper oxide superconductors. Introduction to magnetic materials. Magnetic heterostructures : advances and perspectives in spinstructures and spintransport. Methods of statistical physics. Polymers at interfaces. Molecular building blocks for nanotechnology : from diamondoids to nanoscale materials and applications.

Principles of fluorescence spectroscopy. Particle image velocimetry : new developments and recent applications. An introduction to quantum field theory. The book of the cosmos imagining the universe from Heraclitus to Hawking. The anomalous magnetic moment of the muon. Electron paramagnetic resonance: elementary theory and practical applications. Mechanisms of morphogenesis: this creation of biological form. The NMR probe of high-Tc materials. Sputtering by particle bombardment : experiments and computer calculations from threshold to MeV energies.

The elegant universe superstrings, hidden dimensions, and the quest for the ultimate theory. Jets from young stars II : clues from high angular resolution observations. Lecture notes in physics Statistical physics of particles. Transport and mixing in geophysical flows. The book of the cosmos. Nishina memorial lectures : creators of modern physics.

Symmetry breaking. Linearization methods for stochastic dynamic systems. Controlled nanoscale motion. Lecture notes in physics : Physician's desk reference. Axions : theory, cosmology, and experimental searches. Basic bundle theory and K-cohomology invariants. Theoretical physics. Chiral soliton models for baryons.

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Statistical physics of fields. Precision physics of simple atoms and molecules. Progress in optics. The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam problema status report. Trapped charged particles and fundamental interactions. A relativist's toolkit Bernoulli potential in superconductors : how the electrostatic field helps to understand superconductivity. Approaches to fundamental physics : an assessment of current theoretical ideas.

Ageing and the glass transition. Nonlinear optics. Introduction to laser spectroscopy. Quantum mechanics: special chapters. Linked: how everything is connected to everything else and what it means for business, science, and everyday life. Nuclear receptor coregulators. Variational principles in physics. Classical invariant theory.

Polymorphism in molecular crystals. Branching morphogenesis. Entangled systems : new directions in quantum physics. Elementary Lie group analysis and ordinary differential equations. Practical optics. The double helix: a personal account of the discovery of the structure of DNA. Principles of electronic materials and devices.

Impedance spectroscopy : theory, experiment, and applications. My brain is open : the mathematical journeys of Paul Erdos. Scientific inquiry and nature of science : implications for teaching, learning, and teacher education. Spiking neuron models : single neurons, populations, plasticity. Plant pathogenic bacteria : genomics and molecular biology. Linear algebra done right. Where mathematics comes from : how the embodied mind brings mathematics into being.

Colossal magnetoresistive manganites. The quark and the jaguar : adventures in the simple and the complex.

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Writing the NIH grant proposal : a step-by-step guide. Progress in understanding of polymer crystallization. Lecture Notes In Physics v. The many faces of Maxwell, Dirac and Einstein equations : a Clifford bundle approach. Lecture notes in physics. The quantum theory of magnetism. Mathematics for physics and physicists. Nanofabrication towards biomedical applications : techniques, tools, applications, and impact.

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Crystallization process systems. Medicinal chemistry. Stochastic processes.

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Using OpenMP : portable shared memory parallel programming. A primer on the physics of the cosmic microwave background. Problems and solutions on quantum mechanics. Lignocellulose biodegradation. Solid state chemistry : an introduction. Quantum Hall effects : field theoretical approach and related topics. Science curriculum topic study : bridging the gap between standards and practice. Spinors and space-time. Essentials of organic chemistry : for students of pharmacy, medicinal chemistry and biological Quantum field theory, 1, Basics in mathematics and physics : a bridge between mathematicians and.

Using MPI : portable parallel programming with the message-passing interface. Parasitic flatworms : molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology and physiology. How the immune system works. Quantum field theory : a tourist guide for mathematicians. Physical biology of the cell. Heavy quark physics. Solid state physics. The Large N expansion in quantum field theory and statistical physics : from spin systems to Nanotechnology , volume 2, life sciences, medicine, and bio materials technical proceedings Molecular modelling for beginners.

Nonequilibrium quantum field theory. An introduction to computational physics. Bio-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials : strategies, syntheses, characterization and applications. Advances in solid state physics. The mathematical theory of black holes. The art of molecular dynamics simulation. Mass spectrometry and gas-phase chemistry of non-covalent complexes. The primordial density perturbation : cosmology, inflation and the origin of structure. Introduction to partial differential equations.

Basic statistical analysis. Design with constructal theory. Ab initio molecular dynamics : basic theory and advanced methods. Multiple view geometry in computer vision. Simulation and the monte carlo method. Protein sequencing and identification using tandem mass spectrometry. What is this thing called science? Image processing : dealing with texture. Introduction to general relativity. Equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical thermodynamics. Hit and lead profiling : identification and optimization of drug-like molecules. Electrons and phonons in semiconductor multilayers.

Complex analysis with Mathematica. Carbon nanotube science : synthesis, properties and applications. Encyclopedia of laser physics and technology. Anaerobic biotechnology for bioenergy production : principles and applications. Cosmic ray astrophysics. Introduction to Monte-Carlo methods for transport and diffusion equations.

Life as we do not know it : the NASA search for and synthesis of alien life. An introduction to 3D computer vision techniques and algorithms. Genetics and analysis of quantitative traits. An introduction to statistical signal processing. Molecular modeling applications in crystallization. Biological thermodynamics. Photonic crystals: theory, applications, and fabrication. Simulating the physical world : hierarchical modeling from quantum mechanics to fluid dynamics.

Dynamics of one-dimensional quantum systems: inverse-square interaction models. High energy cosmic rays. Molecules and medicine. The origins of genome architecture. Introduction to parallel computing. Quantum computer science : an introduction. A garden of integrals. Nanomaterials for medical diagnosis and therapy.

Electronic structure: basic theory and practical methods. Photonics research developments. Biological and pharmaceutical nanomaterials. Phase transitions in combinatorial optimization problems: basics, algorithms and statistical mechanics. Acoustics: an introduction to its physical principles and applications.

Nanodevices for the life sciences. Quantum gravity. Synthesis, properties, and applications of oxide nanomaterials. Intelligent vision systems for industry. Tissue, cell, and organ engineering. Gauge theory of elementary particle physics. Biological physics: energy, information, life.

Biofunctionalization of nanomaterials. Quantum field theory in curved spacetime quantized fields and gravity. Nanosystem characterization tools in the life sciences. Where does the power lie now? Who is being published and why? Talking about these matters will be Binyavanga Wainaina, author and founder of the magazine Kwani? Sandro Romero has written books such as Mick Jagger. Starting from this basis, he tells how it has been linked to the most important cultural changes. In The End of Night. Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light ,Paul Bogard reflects on matters related to ecology and urban development.

Something between a personal memoir, a travel book and scientific observation of nature, this work is a call to the defence of night as a part of nature that should be preserved. A habitual contributor to international newspapers, he has won the Ortega y Gasset Prize, the most prestigious award in Spanish journalism.

The critically-acclaimed British author Rhidian Brook has written novels and screenplays for television and film. His latest work, The Aftermath , has been translated into 18 languages and is set to be adapted for film by the director Ridley Scott. The story is about two families, one British and one German, who live in the same mansion in Hamburg after the Second World War. She will speak with the writers Juan Gabriel Vasquez and Santiago Gamboa about Pantallas de plata , the posthumously published book of the prestigious author, in which he recounts his first experiences of going the cinema with his father, his dazzlement before the moving images on the screen, and, since those moments, his incurable love of film.

Two US authors of Colombian background talk to us about their works, in which the city plays a central role. Sergio de la Pava has written Personae and A Naked Singularity , a work that features a New York lawyer who works in Brooklyn, whose life is transformed when his sense of justice begins to fragment. Published for the first time in , El libro de la salsa. Its author is also a prominent professional in Venezuelan media, with long experience as a social communicator, presenter, publicist, writer, producer, director and television executive. She will discuss this fascinating book with the journalist Rosie Goldsmith.

The writer J. Upon hearing of the death of Fidel Castro, this Cuban colonel, retired from the state security services, reacts in a way that leads him to weigh up his life, successes and failures. Much more than a musical genre, champeta is a cultural phenomenon, a lifestyle for thousands of Cartagenans. Date filter:. Thursday, 29 January Jan Event sponsored by El Tiempo. Simultaneous translation from English to Spanish available. Finding Manet. The essay as art. About Latin America. Brian Eno in conversation with Georgina Godwin Brian Eno is one of the great musical innovators of recent decades.

Simultaneous translation from English to Spanish. Nomadic reporters.

Luiz Bonfá

Travellers in reality. The Boom: mirages and realities. Gatopardo event. Reporting Latin America. Im your man. The life of Leonard Cohen. With the support of the Brazilian Embassy. Friday, 30 January My early days as a writer. John Carlin in conversation with Sergio Dahbar John Carlin is the author of books such as Playing the Enemy , which tells how Nelson Mandela decided to use the Rugby World Cup to build links between blacks and whites in the post-apartheid era, a story adapted for film by Clint Eastwood under the title Invictus. Everyday Sexism. Simultaneous translation from English to Spanish available Sponsored by kienyke.

Colombian literature today. Where the head lives. Isidro Ferrer The multi-talented Spanish illustrator and designer, Isidro Ferrer, is known within his field around the world. With the support of the Instituto Caro y Cuervo. Writing about what is important. Behind the scenes. New experiences in theatre. From Universe to barrel: energy, human beings and development. Evento patrocinado por Shell.

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Crime and punishment: telling victims' stories. Sponsored by the BBVA. How to imagine new societies. Sponsored by Cerromatoso. Michi Strausfeld with Margarita Valencia Michi Strausfeld is a German publisher with a long and recognised career in the literary world.

Projeto Memória - Lélia Gonzalez: o feminino negro no palco da história

The historical novel: between reality and fiction. Popular poetics: on love and indifference. Far from the tree: Parents, children and the search for identity. Andrew Solomon in conversation with Rosie Boycott A writer and academic who specialises in psychology, politics and culture, Andrew Solomon won the National Book Award in and was shortlisted for the Pulitzer Prize in for his book The Noonday Demon. How to look to the past to understand the present. However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study. The specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be applied.

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