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Any subject is welcome at FallingWalls! Now she i…. Schengen Visa application for Germany can now be done at Chamchuri Square. This does NOT affect national visa for study, language courses or work. Job coaching free of charge? Fully-funded PhD positions in biomedical sciences. Full funding for international master programmes in Germany - no German required. Beratungszeiten Mo. Radikalisierung: Wie Empathie Konflikte anheizt Juni um Uhr. Ein klarer Fall von zu wenig Empathie! Nicht unbedingt. Eher von zu viel.

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Klimaforschung auf dem Ozean: Wildes Meer und warmes Wasser Von der Antarktis bis nach Bremerhaven. Kommentar: Wer nicht "Nein" sagt, sagt "Ja"? Deutschland braucht mehr Organspenden. Gut so. Und gut, dass es wohl auf jeden Fall mehr Organspenden geben wird, meint Christoph Strack.

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Entsteht Parkinson im Magen? Infektionen: Unten ohne — wie riskant sind Intimrasuren? Aber es gibt ein paar Risiken. Deutschland steht vor einem Hitzerekord: Experten warnen vor gesundheitlichen Auswirkungen.

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Eine in Spinat enthaltene Substanz beschleunigt den Kraftzuwachs im Training. Fliegen oder nicht fliegen? Klimafragen zur Urlaubszeit Das reicht nicht, sagen Experten - noch nicht. Kaum hat der Sommer letzten Freitag offiziell begonnen, bereitet er sich auf einen Rekord vor. In der Stadt ist es immerzu laut. Heute ist Sommersonnenwende! Kein Grund, traurig zu sein: Schlafen ist so wichtig. Aber jetzt nicht einschlafen, es wird spannend! Deutsches Teleskop eRosita fliegt ins All In Baikonur startet eine einzigartige astrophysische Mission.

Further Learning Any time you speak about a deadline in your German class or in a real-life situation, note the use of bis or use it yourself! Examples could include Bis wann muss die Hausarbeit abgegeben werden? In English, one way of saying that an event is finished or done with is to say that it's "over. Right at the end, I spread my sugar frosting over the cake. Doch diese Zeiten sind vorbei. But those times are over. My hours at the baggage loading area of the ground traffic services are over.

Es ist jetzt vorbei , ich starte neu. It's over now, I'm starting anew. Caption 7, Beatrice Egli: Irgendwann. Depending upon the context, vorbei can also be translated as "passed," or "gone," or "past," to name a few possibilities:. Vier Jahre sind vorbei und unser Team ist mit dabei. Four years have passed and our team is in. Der Winter ist vorbei. The winter is past. So now the knuckle is finished, the three hours have passed by. Caption 45, Kochen mit Cettina: Schweinshaxe. A year flies past Caption 24, rheinmain Szene: Selig. Hint: the direct translation "fat years" isn't quite right! I don't know yet what would lie ahead of me.

Wir wussten, was auf uns zukommt. We knew what to expect. Caption 29, Gamification: Wie Spielen den Alltag interessanter mach t. Pauli rettet HSV. Die Koggen, die du heute Abend auf dich zukommen siehst The ships that you'll see coming toward you tonight Damit war eigentlich nur gemeint, ob euch klar war, wie viel da auf euch zukommt. In English, we would say "the more you practice, the better you will speak German.

Take a look at the examples below, paying special attention to the positions of the adjectives or the words mehr or weniger and the verbs in both clauses. And the more positive that is, the more motivational. The lower the regional classification, the cheaper it makes the insurance payment. Because the colder it gets, the less time they're allowed to be outside.

Je mehr Energie ich spare, desto weniger muss ich auch jagen. So einfach ist das. The more energy I save, the less I have to hunt. It's that simple. Ja, und je braver wir zum Hund sind, desto mehr macht er, was er will. Yes, and the nicer we are to the dog, the more he does just what he wants. Caption 25, Haustiere als Geschenk?

Gesetzlicher Urlaubsanspruch: Das steht Arbeitnehmern zu

Aber je mehr uns davon gelingt, umso besser. But the more it succeeds for us, the better. Je eleganter man wirkt, umso mehr wird man auch anerkannt The more elegant one appears, the more one is also accepted They count the votes after the end of the election. Zahlen Sie bar oder mit Karte? All together that is forty euros and fifty cents.

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Will you be paying in cash or with a card? Caption 7, Nicos Weg: Zahlen, bitte! It doesn't help that the noun die Zahlen means the "the numbers. The Advent calendar has twenty-four doors, and each one has a number on it. In English, "to count" can also mean "to matter. When blocking, every second counts. She is counted among Germany's most successful singers. And one final note: you probably have wondered what the difference is between zahlen and bezahlen.

The truth is that they are often interchangeable, but there are some instances where zahlen is wrong. For example, when you speak about paying a person for a service, you would generally use bezahlen and not zahlen. These words may, in some contexts, be translated respectively as "to shut out" to "shut out," but they are more commonly used in a figurative sense. Caption 49, Journal Wirtschaft: Business News. Fathers aren't necessarily excluded from the training sessions. Weitere Windparks in der Ostsee sind nicht ausgeschlossen.

Additional wind parks in the Baltic Sea haven't been ruled out. Thus, the adjective ausgeschlossen is generally translated, depending on the context, as "excluded" or "ruled out. But we won't rule out that we'll do a show again some day. Caption 28, rheinmain Szene: Michael "Bully" Herbig. The German language does not have an equivalent to the rather odd phrase above, which originated in the proverb that the proof of the flavor of a pudding is in the eating of it.

Here are some examples of the noun:. The pretty Munich resident produces the evidence , of all places, in the alpine mountain world of Austria. Finally, evidence that I'm not sitting in the tree throwing something at you. Caption 32, Piggeldy und Frederick: Streiten.

The phrase unter Beweis stellen , however, which is literally "to place under proof," is usually best translated to English with a verb:.

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And I am very excited to demonstrate the skills that I acquired in university in real life. That's how NIKI proves that economy and good service can be connected with one another. Captions , Fluglinien: Niki Air. Doch wir sind hier nicht etwa beim Seniorenturnen, wie uns Daniela Katzenberger eindrucksvoll beweist , sondern bei einer Benefizveranstaltung. But we are not here at some sort of senior gymnastics event, as Daniela Katzenberger impressively proves to us, but rather at a benefit event.

Im Video zur ersten Single muss Clueso dann auch gleich beweisen , dass er noch fit ist. Captions , Clueso: ist endlich erwachsen. If you want to go deeper, read this German Wikipedia article about the legal differences between der Hauptbeweis , der Gegenbeweis , and der Beweis des Gegenteils. They both belong to a group of verbs in German that require a dative object. The closest we could come in English is "It pleases me," but this is rarely used nowadays. You could almost say that the subject and object are switched. In English, this is essentially reversed, or the adjective "successful" is employed.

Here are a few more examples:. Now it's necessary of course to approach the next matches highly concentrated and then to get all points possible. Further Learning Some verbs that follow similar structures in German but not always in English! Let's take a look at some examples and clarify the meanings of all of these words. I hope you like it. They both translate as "tense" in a more negative sense, and often refer to the body rather than the mind. Wenn wir hochkommen: ausatmen When we come up, breathe out Exactly where it is so tense, it has to stretch there.

Make sure that you understand all related words and can identify what part of speech they occupy in sentences using context clues. And we are still starting with an away game Caption 49, Basketball: Deutsche Bank Skyliners. In this season there was, during the two-time clash, an away victory for both sides.

Captions , Basketball: Deutsche Bank Skyliners. In the last away game , the American could already participate. Typical away team. Let's take a look at some examples as shown on the German dictionary site Duden :. But let's go out to eat! Many schoolchildren come from elsewhere. The word "that" is the relative pronoun in the sentence.

In the German language, the relative pronoun is dependent upon the gender of the subject noun:.