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The Islamic waqf continued to control the cemetery and in , the cemetery was designated an antiquities site by the British mandatory authorities. By the end of the war that resulted in the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem, only a handful of broken grave markers remained standing. A large part of the cemetery was bulldozed and converted into a parking lot in and a public lavatory was also built on the cemetery grounds. Israeli authorities bulldozed several tombs in the cemetery, including some of those identified as Frankish by Clermont-Ganneau, to establish Mamilla Park or Independence Park in Two of the largest and finest tombs survived, though the lid of one was overturned when it moved from its original spot.

The other is the Mamluk era funerary chapel known as al-Kebekiyeh or Zawiya Kubakiyya , now located in the eastern end of Independence Park. In , the Custodian of Absentee Property sold the cemetery grounds to the Je-. The Israeli Electricity Company destroyed more tombs on 15 January in order to lay some cables. Marvin Hier, head of the SWC, said his association was unaware that the site was located on a cemetery and was told by the municipality that the land was owned by the Israel Lands Administration before it was given to the SWC for the project.

During excavations to prepare the ground for construction in , skeletons were found and removed. Between November and April , crews of 40 to 70 people per shift worked in 8-hour stints, hours a day to remove an estimated 1, skeletons from the site slated for construction.

Let me be clear: The Museum of Tolerance is not being built on the Mamilla Cemetery, but on an adjacent 3-acre site where, for a half-century, hundreds of people of all faiths have parked in a threelevel underground structure without any protest. And so, the Israeli authorities are basically pushing ahead with the desecration of a cemetery that they have been, unfortunately, slowly nibbling away at for over three decades.

We and other families are taking action as a group of families to try and stop this, after other families failed in the Israeli Supreme Court. There are more probably beneath those, according to his report, which was suppressed in the submissions to the Israeli Supreme Court. A new design for the museum drafted by Chyutin Architects was approved by the city of Jerusalem in June , receiving an official building permit from the Interior Ministry in July In October , eighty-four archaeologists called on the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Jerusalem municipality and the Israel Antiquities Authority to end construction of the Museum of Tolerance.

In a letter sent to the three bodies, the archaeologists argued that the establishment of the museum on the site of the Mamilla Muslim cemetery contradicted ethical standards in the archaeological world, as well as Israeli law. A reporter from Agence France Presse witnessed the destruction of graves until the work was briefly suspended while the court heard a stop work petition it rejected, allowing demolitions to continue that same day. The judge later issued an order prohibiting harm to ancient graves and mandating that the ILA coordinate work with the Israel Antiquities Authority and representatives of the Islamic Movement.

On the night of June , , about gravestones in an intact part of the cemetery were destroyed by Israeli bulldozers. Footage filmed by local media and activists appeared on Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera and showed the bulldozers pulling out quickly after realizing they were being filmed; Israeli officials made no comment on the incident. The news was reported in November by Agence France Presse whose photographer saw the damage. Haaretz reported that the authorities did not know exactly when the vandalism took place, nor who was responsible. From Wikipedia, Mamilla Pool is one of several ancient reservoirs that supplied water to the inhabitants of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Ecosystem With the first rains, the pool hosts an ecosystem of crabs, frogs, and insects. During Spring, it becomes a haven for migrating birds. In , a previously unknown species of amphibian tree frogs was discovered in the pool. The researchers named their find Hyla heinzsteinitzi, in honor of Heinz Steinitz, a deceased Israeli marine biologist. As of , the species is assumed to be extinct. Jahrhundert umschlossen. Geschichte Zwischen wurde eine Mauer um die Altstadt gebaut. Im Laufe des Als zentraler heiliger Ort der drei monotheistischen Weltreligionen ist er sehr umstritten.

Gesondert betrachtet und genannt wird er, da er unbewohnt ist und keinem der Altstadtviertel zugeordnet ist. Die Bezeichnungen der einzelnen Viertel stammt aus einer Zeit, als die verschiedenen Gruppen streng voneinander getrennt gelebt haben. Seit dem 4. Bis in die Zeit der Kreuzfahrer hinein war dieser Stadtteil von Juden bewohnt.

Jahrhundert kamen arabische Siedler in diesen Teil der Stadt. Starken Zulauf erhielt diese Gemeinschaft nach der Vertreibung der Juden aus Spanien und seit dem Jahrhundert durch die Ausweisung von Juden aus Osteuropa. Marokkanisches Viertel Bis zum Jahr existierte in der Altstadt auch noch ein kleines marokkanischen Viertel.

Im Norden sind dies das Damaskustor und das Herodestor. Har Adar was founded in and has a population of 3, The international community considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal under international law, but the Israeli government disputes this. It was finally captured in the Six-Day War by an armored brigade, also called Harel. A monument for the fallen soldiers of the brigade stands at the top of the town. The current settlement was founded in by the Radar Hill Organization. Har Adar lit. Mount Adar was a similar-sounding Hebrew name given to the hill and the settlement.

Status under international law Like all Israeli settlements in the Israeli-occupied territories, Har Adar is considered illegal under international law, though Israeli disputes this. Israel disputes that the Fourth Geneva Convention applies to the Palestinian territories as they had not been legally held by a sovereign prior to Israel taking control of them. Demographics In , the population of Har Adar was In , the municipal surplus stood at NIS , In , there were 1, salaried workers in Har Adar.

The average salary for males was NIS 15,, and 8, for women — both higher than the national average. In addition, there were self-employed workers, with an average income of NIS 12, Some Palestinians work as day laborers in Har Adar. According to local council regulations they are not permitted to walk around freely, and must be driven by their employers, who are responsible for providing them with all their needs.

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel sees this as a form of racism. From Wikipedia, Har Adar banning movement of Palestinians Official order forbids Arab laborers to walk around Jerusalem corridor community. Association for Civil Rights: This is racism. They are allowed to work, but cannot simply roam the area. Some Palestinian workers arrived every morning at Har Adar, a community located beyond the Green Line which accommodates many military and security officials. The laborers are forbidden to move on foot in the community, and are even not allowed to shop at the local grocery store.

They must ask their employer to take care of their needs or drive them wherever they wish to go. They are satisfied with that and so are we. This is not a ban on movement, but a need for accompaniment for understandable security reasons. Die genaue Lage des antiken Ortes ist allerdings nicht bekannt. Dort verlaufen auch die Hauptverkehrsadern. Die ersten Siedler zogen zu; die Zielplanung sieht eine Zahl von Der Master-Plan des Bauministeriums von sieht den Bau von weiteren 1. The name derives from the green ink used to draw the line on the map while the talks were going on.

In , Ehud Olmert proposed a convergence plan that called for Israel to disengage, unilaterally, if necessary, from much of the West Bank east of the Line. This plan was disrupted by the IsraelGaza conflict and the Israel-Lebanon conflict. Overview The Green Line is not an international or permanent border. While the line is only an Armistice Demarcation Line, in practice it is used to differentiate between those areas which are administered as part of the State of Israel, and the areas outside it, which are administered by the Israeli military or the Palestinian National Authority.

The extended municipality of Jerusalem constitutes one exception to this: although the parts ruled by Jordan until fall outside the Green Line, Israel has informally annexed them according to the Basic Jerusalem Law Arab population The majority of Arabs on the Israeli side of the Line fled or were expelled during the war. To achieve this, a territorial swap was negotiated with Transjordan, giving the latter Israeli territory in the southern hills of Hebron in exchange for the Triangle villages in Wadi Ara.

In the SixDay War, Israel occupied territories beyond the Green Line inhabited by over a million Palestinian Arabs, including refugees from the — war. The Green Line remained the administrative border between these territories with the exception of Jerusalem and the areas inside the Israeli side of the Green Line. In , East Jerusalem was annexed into Israel, with its Arab inhabitants given permanent residency status. They were also entitled to apply for Israeli citizenship. Domestically, the status of East Jerusalem as part of Israel was further entrenched with the Jerusalem Law of United Nations Security Council Resolution , determined the law null and void.

In , the rule of law of the State of Israel was extended to the Golan Heights with the Golan Heights Law in what can be seen as an informal annexation. Impact The sections of the Line that delineate the boundaries between Israel, the West Bank and Gaza run through heavily populated regions. The line corresponds to the military front of the War, and while the considerations dictating its placement were primarily military, it soon became clear that in many places it divided towns and villages, and separated farmers from their fields.

Consequently, the Green Line underwent various slight adjustments, and special arrangements were made for limited movement in certain areas. According to Avi Shlaim, in March as the Iraqi forces withdrew and handed over their positions to the Jordanian legion, Israel carried out Operation Shin-Tav-Shin which allowed Israel to renegotiate the cease fire line in the Wadi Ara area of the northern West Bank in a secret agreement that was incorporated into the General Armistice Agreement.

The green line was redrawn in blue ink on the southern map to give the impression that a movement into green line had been made. Israeli-Palestinian conflict The question of whether, or to what extent, Israel should withdraw its population and forces to its side of the Green Line remains a crucial issue in some discussions surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The near-unanimous international consensus has been displayed in the yearly UN General Assembly vote on the Peaceful Settlement of the Question of Palestine.

Although disputed by Israel, UN resolution has made clear the interpretation of international law regarding Palestinian Territory. The Palestinians were not party to the drawing of the Green Line and rejected UN resolution on the basis that it did not specifically call for an independent Palestinian state, but rather spoke of them as refugees. Since , most elements in the PLO have accepted the pre-June borders as a basis for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

According to Noam Chomsky, claims that the Palestinian leadership reject the international consensus calling for a Palestinian state with borders along the Green Line are not consistent with the documented record. Smaller elements in the Palestinian leadership, such as Hamas, have called for a two state settlement based on the pre-June borders the Green Line. All but a few of the Gush Etzion Defenders were massacred. The prisoners were returned to Israel after the war. From August to September , Israel imple-. It is a modern planned city with high standards of urban planning.

Environmental issues and future growth were taken into consideration from the early design stages. The long term projection of the ministry of housing is for the city to be home to , residents, thus becoming one of the largest localities in Israel. However, plans approved for the city thus far are for only , residents. The city also attracts Olim from English speaking countries. The city was planned by the well-known architect Moshe Safdie.

Its physical geography: Climate, landforms, flora and fauna, all reflect this position midway between the two cities. Demographics According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, the City is rated at level 8 out of 10 on the scale of socio-economic development, with a high proportion of high school graduation, As of December , it had a total population of 46,, making it the largest Jewish community in the area. The international community considers Israeli settlements illegal under international law, but the Israeli government disputes this. History Kiryat Sefer is mentioned in the Book of Judges, allegedly destroyed by the Romans in the first century, rebuilt, and destroyed again in the second century in the Bar Kokhba revolt.

The city had an annual growth rate of The city is home to many commercial enterprises. Because of its sizable English-speaking immigrant population, it has become a center for high-quality outsourcing by American companies. There are approximately 80 synagogues. A significant number of men study the Torah full time. It is the site of weekly protests by Palestinian villagers and their supporters against the construction of the wall and against the settlement.

These protests often involve rock throwing by the Palestinians, and the firing of tear gas and rubber-coated bullets by Israeli security forces, which in one case led to death of a protester when a tear gas grenade hit him in the chest. The IDF said that there was no intention to fire the tear gas grenade directly at any protesters. Attacks on residents On Monday morning, December 29, around 8 am, an Arab worker fixing a heating system on a 6th story apartment on Rebbi Yehuda HaNasi Street in Ahuzat Brachfeld struck his supervisor with a sledgehammer to his head.

The attacker then proceeded to the street and attacked several passersby, stabbing several of them. After he managed to stab four Jews and beat up several others, he was shot and seriously wounded by an emergency response team member. Abode of Justice is a neighborhood located in southwestern Tel Aviv, Israel. It was the first Jewish neighborhood to be built outside the walls of the ancient port of Jaffa. For years, the neighborhood prospered as Tel Aviv, the first modern Hebrew city, grew up around it.

History Neve Tzedek was established in , 22 years before the founding of the City of Tel Aviv, by a group of Jewish families seeking to move outside of over-crowded Jaffa. Soon, additional small developments grew up around Neve Tzedek and were incorporated into the contemporary boundaries of the neighbourhood.

The residents preferred to construct their new neighborhoods with low-rise buildings along narrow streets. At the beginning of the s, many artists and writers made Neve Tzedek their residence. During his time in Neve Tzedek he became very close friends with many of the writers, especially Agnon. However, as Tel Aviv began to be developed away from the Jaffa core, the more affluent started to move out of the southern end of the city to inhabit the newlydeveloping northern areas. With its buildings abandoned, neglected and subjected to the unsightly corrosive effects of sea-air upon concrete and stucco, Neve Tzedek degenerated into disrepair and urban decay.

By the s, city officials deemed the neighbourhood — by this time almost a slum — incompatible with the modern image of a busy, bustling city. However, plans to demolish the historic neighbourhood to make way for high rise apartments were eventually cancelled as many Neve Tzedek buildings were placed on preservation lists. At the same time, the old, worn-out neighbourhood was also becoming appreciated as an oasis of the semi-pastoral and picturesque amidst the modernist development of the city center. The Tel Aviv Light Rail, which is expected to pass near Neve Tzedek, will make the neighbourhood even more accessible for visitors and residents alike.

Controversial plans In , the Tel Aviv municipality began to approve plans to construct a number of new highways and widened arterial roads throughout southern Tel Aviv, including the proposed railway road, which would partially encircle Neve Tzedek. As part of these plans, the municipality approved the construction of a.

A number of parking lots would also be constructed along Rothschild Boulevard in order to handle the parking demand induced by the new road space. Opponents of this plan cited a number of concerns with the approval process and with the plan itself. First and foremost, they argue that the addition of new skyscraper-lined highways will dramatically alter the historical and social character of Neve Tzedek and its surrounding areas in southern Tel Aviv. Furthermore, many residents and environmentalists are concerned about the effects of large amounts of traffic being funneled through the area, especially in a time when other developed cities are removing highways, which are now seen as mistakes from the past.

Located near the Neve Tzedek district of the city, the tower is the eleventh tallest building in the country at meters in height over 44 floors. The tower contains apartments and was completed in It is taller than typical apartment buildings because some of the floors have loft units with greater floor-to-ceiling heights. Each floor is approximately sqm in size and contains between three and thirteen apartments.

On the tenth floor of the tower is an indoor swimming pool and a private gym. During construction, a crane at the site fell onto Eilat Street below, killing two workers and injuring eight others. The crane also crushed a number of cars travelling below. Use: Residential. Constuction began in and ended in Jaffa way , Hated alley, Pines alley.

The tower will contain apartments. Each floor will contain 3 to 13 residential units. The first 10 floors will be double-sized and 6 meters tall.

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The apartments in those stories will contain a gallery floor, so that each apartment will have a gallery floor above a half of its size, the remainder space of the apartment will be 6 meter tall, a giant window will extend along its height and width. The area will become a pedestrian compound free from traffic nuisances. The plan includes a rehabilitation and renovation of 3 old building in the compound.

The plan includes a construction of a park in size of 4 dunams. Total size: 6 dunams The cost of the project: 90 million dollars. From telavivinf. In , Nataf had a population of Nataf was founded in on private land purchased from residents of Abu Ghosh. It overlooks Nataf Valley, a popular hiking destination. Nataf spring is watered all year round and has a number of small freshwater pools. The name Nataf is of biblical origins and referred to the incense Stacte.

Many of the residents are Modern Orthodox. Nitaf was mostly destroyed with the exception of ONE deserted house. Ethnically cleansing by Israelis: Nitaf inhabitants were completely ethnically cleansed. From www. Modern Orthodoxy draws on several teachings and philosophies, and thus assumes various forms.

In Israel, Modern Orthodoxy is dominated by Religious Zionism; however, although not identical, these movements share many of the same values and many of the same adherents. Thus, Modern Orthodoxy holds that Jewish law is normative and binding, while simultaneously attaching a positive value to interaction with the modern world.

Die Gruppierungen unterscheiden sich nicht in erster Linie, aber auch in Hinblick auf Gottesvorstellungen und Glauben. Eine Mittelstellung zwischen Orthodoxie und dem liberalen Judentum nimmt das im Jahrhundert sich formierende konservative Judentum ein. Das nicht-orthodoxe Judentum versteht diese Offenbarung nicht als absolut, sondern als einen fortdauernden Prozess des Dialoges Gottes mit seinem Volk, in der Zeit und in den Kulturen.

Seit Anfang des Jahrhunderts hat sich der Schwerpunkt der wissenschaftlichen und theologischen Entwicklung des Judentums in die USA verlagert. In diesen rechtlichen Auslegungen des schriftlichen Kanons der Tora spiegeln sich die unterschiedlichen Meinungen der Rabbiner, Weisen und Gelehrten wider.

Historisch ist die Halacha ein Teil des Talmuds. Manche sind sinajitischen, manche sind rabbinischen Ursprungs. Bush kritisiert. Scharon hatte deswegen auf die Bebauung verzichtet. Das Zollamt Hamburg verweigerte dies, Brita zog dagegen erfolglos vor Gericht. In , the population was 39, The city is located along Highway 1, which connects it to Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv area. The international community considers Israeli settlements illegal under international law , but the Israeli government disputes this.

It was designed as a planned community and suburban commuter town to nearby Jerusalem, to which many residents commute daily. The group was evicted several times. Due to its strategic location between the northern and southern parts of the West Bank, Palestinians see this as a threat to the territorial continuity of a future Palestinian state. Israeli drivers use a bypass road that exits the city to the west, entering Jerusalem through the French Hill Junction or a tunnel that goes under Mt. These routes were built in the wake of the First and Second Intifadas when Palestinian militants shot at motorists and cars were stoned.

The previous road passes through Azariya and Abu Dis. After Peace Now petitioned the Israeli courts to have the official data released, the group revised the figure to 0. According to the municipal spokesman, the overwhelming majority moved to the city not for ideological reasons but for lower-cost housing and higher living standards. In , 48 percent of residents were under the age of Schools offer after-school. A special program has been developed for new immigrant children. Additional resources are invested in special education and classes for gifted children, including a special after-school program for honors students in science and math.

Religious high schools are Yeshiva Tichonit, Tzvia and Amit. The city has over 40 synagogues and several yeshivas, among them Yeshivat Birkat Moshe. It has also won the national prize for environmental quality in recognition of its emphasis on urban planning, green space, playgrounds and outdoor sculptures. Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev denied the 07 extension plan is a violation of the roadmap peace plan, under which Israel agreed to freeze all building in the settlements.

As a result, a plan for 3,, homes in Mevaseret Adumim was frozen. The new Judea and Samaria District police headquarters, formerly located in the Ras el-Amud neighborhood of Jerusalem, was completed in May Israel maintains that international conventions relating to occupied land do not apply to the West Bank because they were not under the legitimate sovereignty of any state in the first place.

Although the municipal boundaries cover 48, dunams, the city has been suffering from an acute housing shortage since due to the freeze on new construction. Most of the real-estate market in is in second-hand properties. Euthymius built in the 5th century and destroyed by the Mamluk sultan Baybars. Khan alAhmar is a 13th century travelers inn for pilgrims on the route between Jerusalem and Mecca via Nabi Musa. In der Vergangenheit hatte er eine strategische Bedeutung hinsichtlich der Verteidigung der Stadt.

The dedication ceremony was held in in the presence of many dignitaries. This garden contains one of the largest collections of Israeli uncultivated plants. The cave is included now in the Hebrew University campus. The cemetery is located on Mt. Total, fallen soldiers were not identified. Another was placed in the cemetery a memorial to unknown soldiers burial place in Israel were killed and Egypt.

All in all, immortalized in the military cemetery in Jerusalem, Spatial memory of the First World War. No casualties were killed in the cemetery after the war. In , when the Jordanians occupied East Jerusalem and blockaded the road to Mount Scopus, the hospital could no longer function. On April 13, , a civilian convoy bringing medical supplies and personnel to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus was attacked by Arab forces.

It serves as home. It also includes the National Headquarters of the Israel Police. The construction of the Brigham Young University Jerusalem Center, owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Mount Scopus initially sparked controversy due to concerns that the Mormons would engage in missionary activities. After the Mormons pledged not to proselytize in Israel, work on the building was allowed to proceed. The Mormon University, as it is commonly known, commands a panoramic view of Jerusalem and has won awards for its stunning architecture. It would bear the names of all 6,,, including the soldiers, partisans, and ghetto fighters.

Er legte diese Professur , nach der Machtergreifung, nieder, bevor sie ihm aberkannt wurde. Aus der nationalsozialistischen Reichsschrifttumskammer wurde er ausgeschlossen. Martin Buber starb in Jerusalem. Das trug ihm viel Widerspruch und Feindschaft ein. In den dort versammelten Dokumenten, aus denen insbesondere seine entstandene Schrift Zwei Glaubensweisen herausragt, zeigt Buber in paradigmatischer Weise das Trennende, gleichzeitig aber auch die enge theologische Verbindung zwischen Judentum und Christentum auf.

Geschichte Am Der unter Salomo gebaute erste Tempel war bereits v. Nach der Besetzung Jerusalems durch die Perser konnte an derselben Stelle um v. Der Platz vor der Klagemauer wurde durch die Schleifung des sogenannten marokkanischen Viertels nach der israelischen Eroberung Jerusalems im Jahre gewonnen. Sie ist 48 Meter lang und 18 Meter hoch. Viele stecken auch aufgeschriebene Gebete in die Ritzen und Spalten der Mauer. Die Klagemauer hat ein eigenes Rabbinat. Ein extra abgegrenzter Bereich direkt vor der Klagemauer gilt als Freilichtsynagoge. Theology and ritual Judaism: Jewish tradition teaches that the Western Wall was built by King Solomon and that the wall we see today is built upon his foundations, which date from the time of the First Temple.

Others believed that the wall still stood and was actually a surviving wall of the Temple courtyard. However, today there is no doubt that the wall is the western retaining wall of the Temple Mount and the Midrash refers to the Temple in its broader sense, that is, the Temple Mount. When asked by Titus why he did not destroy it, Pangar replied that it would stand as a reminder of what Titus had conquered. He was duly executed. There is a tradition that states that when water starts trickling through the stones of the Wall, it is a signal of the advent of the Messiah.

They then began calling it the Al-Buraq Wall. The tradition is first referred to in a manuscript by Ibn Furkah d. Other sources which referred to this tradition date from the 19th century and include the deliberation refusing the Jews the right to pave the area in front of the wall and the map of Jerusalem by Wilson that names the area around the Wailing Wall Hosh al-Buraq. The second factor is the claim that it is waqf property and a part of the Noble Sanctuary. However, the actions of many modern Christian leaders, including Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, who visited the Wall and actually left prayer messages in its crevices, has symbolized for many Christians a restoration of respect and even veneration for this ancient religious site.

Some extreme Christian Zionists go further, claiming that the Third Temple must be rebuilt as part of the groundwork for the Second Coming. A small group of extremists even advocate the destruction of the Muslim Dome of the Rock to hasten the new Temple construction. Views Jewish: Most Jews, religious and secular, consider the wall to be important to Judaism since it was originally built to hold the Second Temple.

They consider the capture of the wall by Israel in as a historic event since it restored Jewish access to the site after a 19 year gap. There are, however, some haredi Jews who hold opposing views. Most notable are the adherents of the Satmar hasidic sect who retain the views expoused by rabbi Joel Teitelbaum who would not approach the Wall.

Our holy places, the Temple Mount - will remain under Israeli sovereignty forever. The Jews, he maintained, had no rights there at all. The Jews began praying at this wall only in the nineteenth century, when they began to develop [national] aspirations. The Jews cannot legitimately claim this wall, neither religiously nor historically. The Committee of the League of Nations recommended in , to allow the Jews to pray there, in order to keep them quiet.

But by no means did it acknowledge that the wall belongs to them. Ende hatte die Stadt At the end of , it had a total population of 38, consisting of over families. By , the population is expected to reach , Beitar Illit was established in and initially settled by a small group of young families from the religious zionist yeshiva of Machon Meir, including that of Rabbi Reuven Hass now of Beit El.

As Beitar Illit began to grow, an influx of Haredi Jewish Bobov families came to predominate while the original group moved on. The city has since expanded to three adjacent hills. It is named after the ancient Jewish city of Betar, whose ruins lie 1 km away. Demographics Beitar Illit is a fast-growing settlement, with a higher birthrate than any other habitation in the West Bank or Israel.


According to the statistics from the Ministry of Interior, the population figures for January there are 34, members listed on their computers and 29, citizens that are listed as active. The town is reported to have almost 20, schoolchildren. According to former mayor Yitzchak Pindrus, the population is expected to reach , by , based on population growth and the building of new apartments to attract more Haredim from older Haredi cities such as Bnei Brak and parts of Jerusalem. A significant. Geography Beitar Illit is in the northern Judean Hills at about m above sea level.

It is located just west of the intersection of Route 60, the north—south artery which roughly follows the watershed from Nazareth through Jerusalem to Beersheba, and Route , which descends west into the Elah Valley to the coastal plain and Tel Aviv area. It takes about 10 minutes to get to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is around 60 minutes away. Status under international law Like all Israeli settlements in the Israeli-occupied territories, Beitar Illit is considered illegal under international law, though Israel disputes this.

Education There are dozens of pre-schools, 50 elementary schools, 2 girls high schools, 3 yeshiva ketanahs, 2 yeshiva gedollahs, and 2 English kollels in Beitar Illit. The resulting flooding with wastewater is said to endanger the water table as well as cause health problems for the nearby villagers. Media reports also say it ruins surrounding crops, vineyards, and almond orchards. Since , it has led the nation in environmental action, striving to fulfill its vision of a truly beautiful country. CBI is a public organization, under no governmental auspices.

Its operations are funded mainly by philanthropic donations, through fund-raising events in Israel and abroad. Additional revenues come from strategic collaboration with leading companies in the industrial, financial and hi-tech sectors, social and community organizations, and from cooperation with governmental bodies such as the Ministry of Education and with the Israel Defense Forces IDF.

In accordance with this belief, CBI works through education, media campaigns, competitions and exemplary projects to inspire citizens and organizations in Israel to actively seek a greener, cleaner environment. This attitude allows CBI to gain wide public support for its initiatives and carry its messages through all parts of Israeli society.

The Council is also escorted by leading public figures and top professionals who voluntarily give their time and expertise. The Council for a Beautiful Israel has 2, dedicated longtime volunteers coming from and working for all sectors of the Israeli society: Secular, Religious and Haredi Jews, Arabs, Bedouins, and Druze. Activity Environmental Education The most profound, long-lasting changes are made through education. Therefore, the Council for a Beautiful Israel has made environmental education a major focus in its activities.

This includes periphery towns, non-Jewish communities and major cities. CBI is selected once and again by the Ministry of Education for developing and implementing environmental education programs, making them a household name. Media Campaigns In many cases, Media Campaigns are the most efficient way to have a de facto influence on public matters concerning the environment. The Council for a Beautiful Israel uses this outlet to address issues in cases where the involvement and awareness of the general public is critical: consumption of plastic bags, using energy efficient light bulbs, litter-free elections and so on.

Competitions, Awards and Prizes Since , the Council for a Beautiful Israel has initiated and operated a series of unique national competitions. These competitions grant recognition to organizations that strive toward excellence in environment and aesthetics, setting new standards in various fields and sectors. Among them are municipalities, industrial plants, IDF camps, hospitals and hotels. Through these awards and prizes, CBI not only recognizes but also rewards individuals and organizations whose contribution in creating a truly beautiful Israel is ground-breaking.

As the soldiers of today are the citizens of tomorrow, CBI sees environmental education within the armed forces as both influential and effective in introducing core values, which the soldiers will carry with them throughout their lives. Er grenzt an Bait Sahur. Im Jahr hatte Har Choma Two women write each other letters across continents and cultures. Both love women, both are faced with social constraints and find ways to push the boundaries. A film about gender and social norms, between documentary and fiction. Carlos Motta b. His work has also been included in group exhibitions at numerous institutions, including the Guggenheim Museum New York.

He was named a Guggenheim Foundation Fellow in Ein ehemaliger Sadhu ist kein Asket mehr, sondern Fahrer in Mumbai. A former sadhu and ascetic is now a driver in Mumbai. He wants to become famous, which is why he agrees to appear in this film. Kabir Mehta studied economics at Delhi University before working on avant-garde cinema in Mumbai with filmmaker Ashim Ahluwalia. He has since gone on to produce and direct his own work. Kabir seeks to explore media consumption, social engineering, and the nature of filmmaking through his work. Man kann nicht sagen, dass sie unsichtbar sind, da sie kaum unbemerkt bleiben.

They cannot be said to be invisible, as they hardly go unnoticed. Fast wie immer. The first space shuttle of the Philippines is launched. An ordinary old suburban couple is trying to go about their life on this strange day. One of the most prolific editors in the Philippines today, he has collaborated with numerous filmmakers on independent and mainstream projects. Bild und Ton, Optimismus und Angst prallen aufeinander. Images from the Expo in Brussels exude faith in modernity, the future, and the possibilities of technology.

The soundtrack is from the s, when a series of attacks unsettled Belgium. Sound and image, fear and optimism collide. Fanny Zaman is a visual artist working in Antwerp. Since , she has made and produced four shorts and two medium-length independent essay films. The most beautiful paintings are the ones you dream about when you lie in bed smoking a pipe, but that you never paint. Alexei Dmitriev b. His previous found footage works were shown at numerous festivals. Battered by incessant winds, the community welcomes Antonia with a ritual, disclosing the stories she embodies.

Jorge Cadena was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, in A young woman is searching for spirituality and inner balance on the Internet. Luc Gut b. In his videos, for which he composes his own electronic soundtracks, he likes to play with the relationship between image, sound, and rhythm. Special attention is given to users and passersby, to their gestures and ways of appropriating the spaces for their own needs. Laurence Bonvin is a documentary photographer and artist whose work deals with landscape, architecture, public spaces, and urban transformation. She has extensively exhibited her work in Switzerland and internationally since Rob, ein Kriminalpolizist Mitte vierzig, kann seit mehreren Monaten nicht mehr schlafen.

He hopes to regain sleep with the help of a monotonous lifestyle. But he only finds micro-sleep while spending hours circling roundabouts with his VW T1. Jonas Meier b. He has been working as a freelance director of TV commercials and corporate videos for various production companies since Vom Meer kommend, wandern zwei junge Sportlerinnen mit ihrem Kanu auf den Schultern durch eine weite Ebene. Coming from the sea, two young sportswomen are carrying their canoe across a vast plain. They meet some of the inhabitants, whose activities and narratives evoke a human story of their own.

Fulvio Balmer Rebullida b. Nur wer die neuen Technologien beherrscht, hat eine Zukunft. Only those who master the new technology have a future. Their problem is ours: how much longer can we keep up with the rapid development? Dennis Stauffer b. Norbert Kottmann b. He works as a post-production assistant and freelance editor.

Ein Eisbergkoloss kratzt am Meeresboden. A colossal iceberg is scraping the seabed. The sound is unfamiliar, peculiar, and impressive — for the listener at the surface as much as for the traveller in the frozen Antarctic underwater world. Susanne Hofer b. Together with K. Oettli, she produces various film, theatre, and dance projects with the company flimmern GmbH. Der Film zeigt das Leben und die Organisation im Lager und beleuchtet den Kontrast zwischen dieser ephemeren Mikrostadt und ihrem mystisch-wilden Umfeld.

A documentary about the Everest Base Camp, which is set up for two months each year, housing about guides, cooks, government officials, and guests. As of , he works part-time in the multimedia department of a company, while also developing new personal projects. Er ist heimlich in Khanya verliebt, die seit Jahren seine beste Freundin ist.

Themba, a young teenager, lives in the South Durban Basin near the local oil refinery with his father. He is secretly in love with Khanya, who has been his best friend for years. But Khanya has a new boyfriend, KG, a truck driver who offers her a secure future. Isabelle Mayor b. After beginning her film career as an editor, she independently wrote and directed several shorts that won prizes at Locarno and other festivals. Diese folgt ihnen auf der Flucht. Pranjani, ein kleines Dorf in Zentralserbien. Einheimische verdienen ihren Lebensunterhalt im Ausland oder als Bauern.

So weit, so normal. Two young boys are being pursued after stealing some expensive scarves. She follows them as they flee. Hugo Radi lives between Lausanne and Geneva. Pranjani is a small village in central Serbia. Locals earn their living abroad or as farmers. So far, so normal. He works as a freelance cinematographer and director and was nominated for the Swiss Film Award in the best short film category. He is currently developing his first feature film.

In Buenos Aires, the Sepulveda family lives and works in the shadows of the legendary Boca Juniors stadium. They constantly get in conflict with the corrupt police for selling fake tickets to the football games. As her family sinks deeper into the underworld, the mother tries in vain to keep things from falling apart. Matteo Gariglio b. Vini reist im Zug durch verschiedene Raum- und Zeitdimensionen und begegnet dabei sich selbst.

Katze On a train trip through various dimensions of time and space, the traveller suddenly encounters himself. Mitte Februar , kurz vor der Sperrung der griechisch-mazedonischen Grenze. Mid-February , shortly before the Greek-Macedonian border is closed. The last part of a long journey on the Balkan refugee route leads along the Sava. Andreas Muggli b. Previously, he trained as a chemical lab technician. Walker, Joan Fontcuberta und Im Heung-soon vertritt. Emilio Alvarez is the founding director of LOOP, a platform dedicated to fostering artist films, video art, and gallery-based moving-image productions.

Walker, Joan Fontcuberta, and Im Heung-soon. She specializes in world cinema fiction, documentary, and short films, and is active at top festivals and markets worldwide. Kathleen is also the personal publicist of actor Bill Pullman and the corporate publicist for Abramorama. Milja studied film theory at Brunel University London and visual journalism at the University of Tampere.

However, belonging to the disappearing species of old-school projectionists, her true roots are in cinema work. In den er-Jahren wurde er international bekannt durch seine Fotografie, in der er die Eigenheit des Mediums und die Beziehung zwischen Fotografie und Malerei auslotete was bis heute sein Forschungsgebiet ist. In the early s, he gained international recognition for his photographic work, in which he explored the specificity of the medium and the relations between photography and painting — which is still his field of research today.

From until , he has been based in Paris as a documentary commissioning editor at the European cultural channel ARTE, seeking out new narrative forms with the aim of keeping alive independent, innovative filmmaking. Neil Young geb. Film critic Neil Young b. Each year, he attends more than 20 film festivals around the world in various professional capacities. The Shortrun Award for a promising script is also announced during the awards ceremony Sunday, , Theater Winterthur.

All Swiss films selected for the International Competition qualify for nomination consideration for the Swiss Film Prize. Zweifellos haben die nordischen Nationen viel Grossartiges vollbracht und damit ist nicht die Entdeckung Amerikas durch die Wikinger ums Jahr gemeint. Schweden gilt weltweit als Vorzeigebeispiel einer weit entwickelten Gesellschaft, wo in allen sozialen und beruflichen Aspekten Gendergleichheit herrscht. Die skandinavischen Fernsehkrimis sind internationale Kassenschlager. Aber ist der Norden wirklich so makellos?

Trotz Gleichstellungspolitik fehlen dem nordischen Langfilm offenbar noch immer die schillernden Regisseurinnen. Auch im Norden machen sich Rechtsrutsch und radikalisierte Gruppierungen bemerkbar, die der Islamisierung und angeblichen Bedrohung nordischer Werte nationalistisch entgegentreten. Es werden aber Aspekte. Island, das kleinste Land im Grossen Fokus, bringt uns u. Diese Bedenken werden in unserem Grossen Fokus ebenfalls aufgegriffen. Developed in Sweden in the s, this model peaked in the s, leading to comprehensive sociopolitical reforms such as unconditional social security, gender equality policies, and a politics of consensus , not just in Sweden, but in other Nordic countries, too.

Granted, not everyone supports the idea of the Nordic welfare state today, and many problems, such as those caused by population ageing, remain unsolved. Nevertheless, many Central Europeans still have this image of the Nordic model as a perfect social order. What are the reasons for this fascination with the five countries of the North — Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland?

Why, according to the latest studies, are the Danes the happiest people on the planet? Where does the global enthusiasm for Nordic design and Swedish pop music come from? Sweden is considered a model of a highly developed society, with gender equality in all social and professional spheres. Norway, Iceland, and Denmark also rank high in this respect. Sweden, Norway, and Denmark still have kings and queens as figureheads representing democratic governments with royal kitsch.

With view to global warming, Denmark is the most innovative country in the field of renewable energy. The Scandinavian TV thrillers are international hits. Directors such as Thomas Vinterberg and Lars von Trier are world stars today. But is the North really so flawless? Despite a politics of gender equality, Nordic feature film apparently still lacks outstanding female directors. In the North, too, there have been shifts to the right, and radicalized groups oppose Islamization and the supposed threat to Nordic values with nationalism.

Despite the historically strong linguistic and cultural ties, the Nordic countries are five independent nations that all employ their individual solutions and tactics internationally, and that are worth being considered as independent countries and film nations in this programme focus. The programmes present films whose stories are set in Nordic countries and that are all made by Nordic filmmakers. We are well aware that this selection of individual approaches cannot draw a complete picture, but it addresses aspects that have influenced and preoccupied Nordic filmmakers in their work again and again.

Finland, which lies outside of Scandinavia geographically and linguistically, offers captivating, sometimes absurd insights into the soul of Finnish individuals. Denmark is represented with compelling artist films that attempt to reinvent cinema. And Iceland, the smallest country in the Main Focus, juxtaposes Viking behaviour with contemporary models of masculinity, among other things. The significance of nature and the woods is at issue in Take a Walk on the Wild Site, whereas Nordic Presents is a tongue-incheek ode to the achievements of the North.

The two programmes This Is Us and This Is Me probe the conflicts between Nordic supranationality, national pride, and individual identity. Policies of equality and consensus have achieved equal pay and working conditions for men and women, and a high level of social security.

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  5. The system is intended to let everyone be who they are. These issues are also addressed in our Main Focus. Nevertheless, at the end of this Nordic journey of discovery, we will find that these five nations can serve as a model for us in many if not in all respects. The films in this selection thus offer gifts or presents from the Nordic countries to the rest of the world. They exemplify some of their most impressive achievements.

    They started out in By , they ruled the charts worldwide. To this day, young people all over the world dance to the music of the phenomenon that is ABBA. Turn up the volume — Mamma Mia, here we go again! He is best known for directing music videos, which are often mock forms of movie trailers and short films. Taking us on a journey back to our recent futuristic past, this film tells of the rise and fall of the plastic Futuro House, a space-age utopia that almost became a reality.

    The Futuro leisure home designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen is not only a product of its time, but also a fine specimen of Nordic design. Mika Taanila b. Ein Mann sucht verzweifelt nach jemandem, mit dem er sein Leben verbringen kann. Diese Geschichten sind auf einzigartig absurde Weise miteinander verbunden.

    A recently separated couple are arguing over custody of their son. A man is desperately looking for someone to share his life with. These stories are linked in a uniquely absurd way in this film created through intuition, association, and confidence — confidence that the intuitive process would lead to an entertaining and meaningful result. Joern Utkilen b. Music for One Apartment M. Six burglars in an apartment are making music with furniture and household appliances. Numminen singt in der Sauna. Finnish underground artist M. Numminen is singing in the sauna.

    Mauri Antero Numminen, known as M. Numminen b. This Is Us Das sind wir. Darauf sind wir stolz. Davor haben wir Angst. Das sind die anderen. Die sind anders als wir. Wer sind wir? Aus den gleichen Ausgangsfragen haben sich letztlich zwei formal sehr unterschiedliche Programme entwickelt.

    (38) Wo ist Wanda ? / Der ausgedachte Freund - Cosmo & Wanda - Wenn Elfen helfen

    This Is Us This is us. These are the others. Who are we? After all, it is never the simplistic statements that define a country, an association of countries, a nation, a people, or a region, but the way they search for answers. The Nordic countries have a special position in this respect, as they cultivate a fellowship that defines part of their identity, while at the same time trying to maintain their own national identities.

    This Is Us is about bizarre national holidays, about wanting to belong, about typical activities, collective fears, and failed integration. The two programmes This Is Us and This Is Me ask the same questions at the level of the community and the individual, respectively. The point of departure is, of course, comparable: whether as a nation, as a people, or as an individual — identity is never simple, especially when the others come into play. Ultimately, the same questions have resulted in two programmes that are very different formally.

    While This Is Me unites films featuring something like a typically Nordic narrative style, the works in This Is Us all find their own individual approaches. The five films in this selection highlight different aspects of the issues sketched above. In order to avoid the trap of simplistic — and wrong — answers, the works thoughtfully employ forms and genres, ranging from classic fiction through documentary and experimental film to mockumentary.

    Whether with laconic humour or affectionate sincerity, in a roundabout or direct way — all of these films attempt to find out: is this us? Elle, 78, ist in den Bergen Lapplands mit der Kultur der Samen aufgewachsen. Doch davon will sie nichts mehr wissen und davon soll auch niemand erfahren.

    Officially, Norway is celebrating its independence, and thus itself, on this day. Unofficially, Birger 10 is not in the mood for parades, Konrad 90 is not in the mood for speeches, Carina 18 is only interested in love, and Ola 46 is on a mission of self-discovery. This film is based on real emergency calls and radio signals. The fears of an entire nation manifest themselves in these messages. Who are we in the face of an overwhelming darkness? Hannes Vartiainen born has a background in film.

    Pekka Veikkolainen born has worked in the fields of animation and illustration since The two started their own production company in Elle, 78, grew up in the mountains of Lapland, with the culture of the Sami people. But she wants nothing to do with her roots anymore, nor does she want anyone else to know about them. Who is she if two possible identities want nothing to do with each other? She graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in Wir sind auch die anderen. Als die Winterolympiade in Lillehammer stattfand, arbeitete Kaveh in der Kebabbude seines Vaters.

    Das Mockumentary dekonstruiert die Vorstellung vom integrierten Migranten. We are the others, too. This mockumentary deconstructs the notion of the integrated immigrant. Director and screenwriter Kaveh Tehrani studied at the University of Oslo. He is currently developing his first feature film project. Visitors as if from another planet suddenly appear in the misty swamps of Northern Finland.

    The strangers seem harmless, but their presence confuses the local population. A look at identities in a globalized world. Elina Talvensaari b. This Is Me Das bin ich. Das bin ich inmitten der anderen. Bin ich das? Und das verlangt nach Kommunikation. Die Filme zwingen uns, zwischen den wenigen Zeilen zu lesen. Beide Nordic Identities Programme definieren sich nicht nur durch die Inhalte, sondern auch durch die Form. In langsamen Schritten schleicht sich dieses Programm von hinten an und zieht uns mit komischskurrilen Filmen in seinen Bann.

    So lasst uns denn zwischen den Zeilen lesen und in die Geschichten aus dem Norden eintauchen! This Is Me This is me. This is me among the others. Is this me? While the programme This Is Us shows films addressing the issue of collective identity, This Is Me explores the question of how individuals define themselves within a group. That, in turn, requires communication, which is addressed here in its various shapes and with all its pitfalls.

    With Nokia and Ericsson, two companies from the North dominated mobile communication for a long time, suggesting a certain talkativeness, a focus on verbal communication. However, that is precisely what often proves difficult. The films in this programme force us to read in between the few lines. It is the form as well as the content that defines the two Nordic Identities programmes.

    While This Is Us features a remarkable variety of aesthetic and narrative approaches, some commonalities emerge in This Is Me. The films unite several characteristics that are typical of Nordic cinema. The unconventional, quietly narrated stories celebrate anti-heroes rather than supermen or superwomen. The stance towards political correctness is ambiguous, and while social critique is often implied, the focus is on human weaknesses.

    These are depicted laconically, with a sense of irony and some of that grotesque humour that is so typical of the North. With their penchant for the absurd, the narratives play with established aesthetics and genre conventions. This Is Me is a programme that will slowly sneak up on us and draw us in with quirky films. Let us read between the lines and immerse ourselves in these Nordic stories!

    Publicly, yet anonymously, she tells the world: this is me. Miia Tervo b. Her films combine animation, archival materials, and live action. As a minimalistic black comedy, this Danish animation ponders existential questions regarding loneliness and the contact with others in the North. Helena Frank is a Swedish illustrator based in Copenhagen.

    Aber immerhin lenken die Dinge die beiden voneinander ab. Things and us: lawn mowers, washing machines, home exercise equipment, and other devices are supposed to make life easier. This might not be the case for the Norwegian couple in this movie, but at least the stuff distracts them from each other. Gunhild Enger b. Eine Frau in Samentracht, ein Trampolin, viel Schnee.

    Das bin ich, und ich springe mitten im Schnee auf einem Trampolin — ob euch das passt oder nicht! A woman in traditional Sami dress, a trampoline, and lots of snow. Video artist and photographer Marja Helander b. In , she graduated from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. She has presented works in solo and group exhibitions all over Europe, in Africa, and in Australia.

    Her work explores issues of identity with regard to her indigenous Sami background. Wer sind wir als Familie? Wer bin ich innerhalb dieser Familie? Oft sagt das Verhalten mehr als Worte. The Dvergsnes family gains a new daughter-in-law and buries their grandmother.

    Who are we as a family? Who am I within this family? Often, actions say more than words. Even Hafnor b. In recent years, Even has been making short films, commercials, and music videos. Er ist umgeben von sieben Booten. Eine einzige schwarz-weisse Grad-Einstellung wirft Fragen auf: Wer bin ich? Wer sind die anderen? Was haben die mit mir zu tun?

    Serien Charts Komplett: Die Rankings der Serien

    On the open sea, a man is fighting for his life. He is surrounded by seven boats. The film raises questions in a single, black-and-white, degree take. Who am I? Who are the others? What do they have to do with me? Can I count on them? Der Arbeitgeber glaubt nicht an ihn. Und er glaubt nicht an den Arbeitgeber. Wer bin ich, wenn ich meine Berufsrollen hinter mir lasse? Who am I when I leave my professional roles behind? Antti Heikki Pesonen b. He sometimes finds humour in unpleasant things and in the fact that he is writing his own biography in the third person.

    Sie orientiert sich an der schwedischen Emanzipationsbewegung, die ihre Wurzeln schon im Jahrhundert hat. Bereits hatten unverheiratete Frauen in Schweden ein bedingtes Stimmrecht — als erste weltweit! Seither hat das Land stets eine Vorreiterrolle in Gleichberechtigungsbestrebungen eingenommen. Nebst diesen zwei Werken gibt es insbesondere im Kurzformat immer wieder Filme, die sich dem Thema Emanzipation widmen. Dass der Feminismus in Skandinavien eine lange Tradition pflegt, zeigt auch die Auswahl an historischen Filmen in diesem Programm.

    The director draws on the Swedish feminist movement, which goes back as far as the 17th century. In , unmarried women in Sweden were the first worldwide to receive limited voting rights! Ever since, the country has played a leading role in the struggle for gender equality.

    Gender mainstreaming, a strategy to promote and implement gender equality at all social levels, is a top priority in Sweden. Instead of intellectual manifestos and moralizing admonitions, these films present their own unique view of the feminist movement, using humour, satire, provocation, and unexpected educational moments. These works were a frontal attack on the conservative view of women, a call for the liberation and equality of women in all areas.

    Courage and sometimes crude humour are central to both generations. Play Mate Febr. Die Parodie eines Pin-up-Girls. A parody of a pin-up girl. Lars Lambert b. He studied at the Dramatic Institute in Stockholm from to In , he received an honorary PhD from the University of Uppsala. The film concentrates on prevailing attitudes, slightly exaggerating some of the opinions. Women as targets and tools of commercialism are portrayed innovatively. Risto Antero Jarva — was a Finnish filmmaker.

    In his feature films and short documentaries, he often addressed social problems and their possible solutions. He was a professor of film and a senior lecturer at the University of Industrial Art Helsinki. Jarva is a revered figure in Finland, and the main award at Tampere Film Festival is named after him. Dieser Film von wurde mit einer Subvention von Mark produziert. Jaakko Talaskivi was born in Helsinki, Finland, in He died in Maj Wechselmann has 45 films to her credit — and counting!

    She mainly produces documentaries, often made at a furious pace in reaction to political decisions or social change. She often highlights aspects of a complex reality that are neglected by other media for various reasons. He directed four short films. Gorm Wagner co-directed this short film and served as scientific advisor. Dass die Filme wie Fallstudien aufgebaut sind, erlaubt es, sich auf Beobachtung und Analyse zu konzentrieren.

    Kompromisslos direkt treffen sie stets den Kern der Sache und schaffen gern extreme Situationen, um ihre Anliegen auf den Punkt zu bringen. The outcome lends itself to an analysis in terms of power structures, hierarchies, and gender roles, producing astonishing results. We witness human interaction — always presented from a female perspective — and the success or failure of communication between men and women, but also among women.

    Built like case studies, the films invite observation and analysis. The point is to ask the right questions, not to present preconceived solutions. This gives us plenty of opportunity to question the still prevalent patriarchal system of our society. Ninja Thyberg is deeply interested in the topic of sexuality.

    What does it mean that the song is intended to be an all-female production, and what happens when the man walks into the room? Before filmmaking, she studied sociology, film studies, and gender studies. They always get right to the heart of the matter, often creating extreme situations to make their point.

    Not for the morally squeamish, but for anyone unafraid to engage with gender issues in a refreshingly unapologetic way. Behind the scenes of a porn shoot, they are practicing various positions. The rumour is that one of the girls is doing a double anal, an advanced routine that requires someone extremely tough. A startling film about workplace intrigue, set in a somewhat different place of work.

    Allesamt etablierte Alphatiere in der Filmwirtschaft, haben die Schauspieler jedoch wenig Vertrauen in Mika, und die Lage spitzt sich zu. Mika is auditioning male actors for her first feature film. But the actors — all established alpha dogs in the film business — have little confidence in Mika, and the situation escalates. Mika increases the pressure, going to the limits of what is acceptable under such circumstances. Nour and Gry are two horny geeks looking to lose their virginity. A film about the first encounter with the opposite sex, but also about betrayal, friendship, and the desire to fit in.

    When an established music producer walks in, they face a difficult choice: should they sell their work for a potential success and thus risk losing their message? Ninja Thyberg was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, in She now lives and works in Stockholm. Apart from film, Ninja also studied sociology and gender studies. Ist der nordische Mann etwa der ideale Mann?

    Grazie, the beautiful new girl did this a couple of times. Filme [ edit hide ] Die Hard has some gratuitous German sounding gibberish. And what could be a Lampshade Hanging thereof; Hans Gruber has to repeat orders in English because The Dragon - much less the audience - doesn't understand the "German" orders. Appareently, german terrorists say things like "mach los, mach schnell! Shutter Island has actually rather decent German, though a native speaker notices the heavy accent and small mistakes.

    This trope is Older Than They Think. Not that it sounds anything like German to natives. But the "German always sounds like someone being angry" stereotype is recognizable. Not like German perhaps, but like the cleanest Hitler speech It's a variety act called "speaking Double Dutch" that Chaplin had learned to do when he performed in music halls and vaudeville, before he got into movies. House on Haunted Hill the version uses German writing printed on the walls of the haunted cellar, probably because someone thought that if you have a mad doctor performing vivisections on the inmates, you got to throw in a nod in direction of Evil Nazis TM.

    In this film, the villains are Germans, but recite their famous chant in nonsensical Latin. A particularly noticeable example is a button labeled with "Dringlichkeitsfreigabe", which then gets translated as "Emergency Release". Monty Python did a couple of sketches specifically for german television. Since none of them spoke or understood enough german, they just memorized their lines and delivered them as they saw fit, which resulted in hilarious mispronounciations.

    The German in The Incredible Mr. Limpet starts off sounding legit but quickly descends into this. Amunsingly the first means pizza hut, which is called just that in german too. The latter are just capitalized english words with a german ending tacked on. The Rocketeer has lots of decent German, except for one line where a Nazi agent says to Nazi spy Neville Sinclair "Ich habe meine Bestellung, und du auch!

    Except the "orders" mentioned here are the sort of orders one gives a waiter. He really should've said "Ich habe meine Befehle". Kindergarten Cop includes Arnold saying "Das macht mich stinksauer! Jetzt bin ich sauer! Fernsehserien [ edit hide ] The German characters in Hogan's Heroes throw in a few easily-translated German phrases. Elliot from Scrubs speaks German, a fact that shows up in a few episodes, such as one with a German cancer patient; in fact, her German is way better than that of the "Germans", who speak hardly anything a German would accept as his native language.

    The actress, Sarah Chalke, actually is fluent in French and German. In Germany, that was changed into Danish. We have no idea if that makes it better or worse. In other episodes she speaks Swedish, or a swiss dialect. As a rule of thumb for the German dub: When Elliot talks in a language other than German she speaks German in the original English version.

    She also mangles it quite horribly, the first it time it comes up. Granted she is angry with Dr. Kelso, but it takes a German a couple of viewings to realize that it is supposed to be German and a couple more to understand it. Other times she has a clear accent, but everything else is quite right. Doctor Who shows that Japan doesn't have the monopoly on Gratuitous German.

    Also other 'proper German' words would sound rather stange in the context. Used regularly by comedians for Those Wacky Nazis implications, even Jon Stewart is a regular offender. Of course in the complete package, with ze dialect, angry and even or especially as German native unintelligible pronunciation and of course scrambled grammar. Malcolm in the Middle has the original German couple Gretchen and Otto, which spoke a weird broken 'Deutschlish.

    Internet-Originale [ edit hide ] In Decades of Darkness , Germany becomes one of three superpowers, thus German or rather, neudeutsch phrases tend to crop up, like "funk" that's pronounced "foonk", for you anglophones for radio. This has started showing up in the animation accompanying Zero Punctuation reviews, for no apparent reason. Germany is a superpower at the end of the Chaos Timeline , so don't be too astonished to find a bit of it.

    Kartenspiele [ edit hide ] In the Yu-Gi-Oh card game, the Japanese and Chinese versions of Yubel's two evolved forms have names in horribly mangled German. When they were released in Germany, they got more sensible names translated from the English ones, which are totally different. To explain this in more detail, the designers apparently still had trouble with applying the correct grammatical gender and case.

    Also, Das is the article used with nouns with a neutral grammatical gender; which, considering Yubel's appearance Literatur [ edit hide ] Several stories of the Cthulhu Mythos make references to a book called "Unausprechlichen Kulten" as the second most popular book on cosmic horrors after the Necronomicon. Unsurprisingly, the grammar of the title is just wrong. It would be either "Unaussprechliche Kulte" unspeakable cults or "Von unaussprechlichen Kulten" of unspeakable cults. It could be referred such in a proper German sentence with the right grammatical surroundings, but not on its own without the grammatical German context.

    Erma Bombeck wrote a humor column early in her career about borrowing her husband's VW Beetle small mouse-gray car and his insistence that the driver has to speak to it. In German. They only knew the words phonetically, as none of them spoke German. Ich trinke Schampus mit Lachsfisch! I drink Champagne with salmon fish! And then there's "Tell Her Tonight," which is in English, yes It's actually kind of awesome. Compared to the original. The opening phrase of Def Leppard 's "Rock of Ages" is in what can be described as German-sounding gibberish. Elliot Goldenthal is a well known modern classical composer that has worked for the soundtrack of many movies, and has a sense of humor when he puts titles on the tracks of his albums.

    One of the tracks in the Batman Forever soundtrack is "Fledermausmarschmusik". It's obvious what it means and what it sounds like. The result would not be out of place at a Nazi rally. Fick mich, du miserabler Hurensohn And apparently Kommeinezuspadt is intentionally 'misspelled'. That is gibberish too, the words mean "come one to late". The American band Tool has a song "Die Eier Von Satan," in which the singer growls out a menacing speech in German, punctuated by shouted crescendos that are received with wild applause by an audience.

    Aktuelle Serien in den Seriencharts von

    It all sounds incredibly Naziesque until you discover that the speech is actually a recipe for hash brownies. Also, the title means "Satan's Balls" literally "Satan's Eggs". The band also has a Gratuitous Italian song, "Message for Harry Manback," in which the speaker frequently curses in Italian. One word of Visual Kei bands Dir en Grey name exists in german too.

    Anschluss, Wehrmacht, Panzer, Panzerkampfwagen and the like. Lady Gaga doesn't speak German, but she can if you like. However, the intro of "Megalomaniac" has the spoken words "Kein Mitleid fur die Mehrheit", which is the correct grammar for "No Pity for the Majority". Otherwise, it sounds like a straight example of all three tropes. Of course, the opening verse tells us that the entire song is supposed to make no sense. The translation is flawless however and so is the delivery. In fact it sounds as if a native speaker spoke this passage, but the album doesn't feature any credits whatsoever so it can't be said for sure.

    Theater [ edit hide ] The musical adaptation of Grand Hotel has some Gratuitous German toward the end. In Cabaret , many of the phrases in the opening number "Willkommen" are sung in Gratuitous German, then in Gratuitous French , then in Gratuitous English. Which, again, got the grammar wrong "spezielle" is an adjective, in female or plural form, but it has no noun to refer to.

    Etrian Odyssey is fond of this trope. The Quest for Glory games, especially the first one. League of Legends demonstrates this trope isn't limited to Japan. Lux's ultimate attack is 'Finales Funkeln', which means 'Final Sparkle'. Mordekaiser's name is also German, literally translated as 'Murders Emperor' since they inexplicably used the plural form of 'mord'.

    This is most likely a play on words with the name "Mordekai" and the word "Kaiser" Emperor. In Return to Castle Wolfenstein , most of the important dialogue is rendered in English ; however, the most Enemy Chatter is in German. Yes, they were actually speaking German. But hearing "Achtung!

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    The original Castle Wolfenstein was noted simply for having digitized voices in any language at all. In the book "Masters of Doom", which chronicles the history of developers id games up to Quake 3: Arena, John Romero is described as screaming ridiculous german lines into a microphone for later implementation while Wolfenstein 3D was being developed. Only Michael has a normal German given name, though. The weapons too: for example, Spiritia's default weapon is named Seelegewehr Soul Rifle, almost correct - should be Seelengewehr.

    Most of the names are tied to the user's. The Original Generation games gives these robots the main role. Becomes a little unsettling , though, when you realize that the primary antagonists, the sinister alien Balmars, label all their stuff with gratuitous Hebrew. Even the mundane stuff like "Energy Drain" which becomes the blatantly obvious "Gewinnenergie".

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    At no other time in the game does Carter even hint that he's of another nationality other than the nebulous one wherever Mineral Town is located. The Medic from Team Fortress 2 , a strange American example, is German, and likes to pepper his sentences with German words, even if they don't really make any sense in context "Oktoberfest! His unlockables also share the Germanity if that is a real English word , being named The Blutsauger Bloodsucker, also: Vampire and The Kritzkrieg causes crits, named after the Nazi tactic of Blitzkrieg.

    As part of a development theme, his lines have numerous grammar errors, namely the plurals of "Dummkopf", and his voice actor isn't German. Prosecutor Gavin from the fourth Ace Attorney game. His name, Klavier, is the German word for piano. It was changed to Konrad a proper German name in the French localization, and became Kantilen in the German localization. Of course, the "Klavier Gavin" name originated in the English-language localization.