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Muito orgulho de pertencer a esse Time. And the breakdown that encompasses the last quarter of the song packs the power of a possessed locomotive. At just under an hour, Derivae is a meaty album chock-full of fury and heart. But Nero Di Marte always know when to open up the clouds for a brief glimpse of moonlight peeking through. A seamless transition welcomes the frantic and well placed precision of Clouded Allure an absolute juggernaut of a song! All at once peaceful and chaotic this is a track that flows in such a fashion as to be somewhat unsettling and yet exhilarating.

Dite, it would seem, starts a new chapter in this album as it begins in a wholly more tentative way without the need for the intensity of the songs before it. With all the technical ferocity of its predecessors you may be forgiven that Derivae as an album is a one trick pony, but if you delve past the exterior of the prog outer shell you discover that all the songs have a very fresh and different life of their own, this song in particular.

Mixing the quiet with the chaotic at every twist and turn it creates a sense of beauty and wonder, before trampling it under heavy foot with a powerful and pleasing riff. Simulacra follows the same template as many of the songs on this album-quiet intro and heavy riff-but as I said before it somehow sounds fresh as the band opt to build it slowly rather than bludgeon the listener straight away.

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So with only two songs left Il Diluvio begins in a somewhat brutal and heavy-handed way. Blasting drums setting the tempo and the vocals presiding over the music like a demented conductor of the damned. There is a certain amount of interplay with this track to keep up the interest and the invested ingenuity that Nero Di Marte seem to have stored away somewhere. And with that we come to the final track: Those Who Leave.

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One thing is certain, Nero Di Marte have stumbled onto a sound that is, two albums in, already distinctly their own. The production is being touted for going completely analog, and it does provide the album with a certain richness to it. You will find yourself hanging on each riff as you listen to Derivae.

Nero Di Marte have gained some buzz here in the States since their tour late last year with Gorguts, and Derivae should undoubtedly give them the boost they need for some real deserved recognition within the scene. The Bologna, Italy-based band Nero Di Marte takes its name from an aggressively black pigment that permanently alters or darkens whatever other pigments it touches.

Possible applications for such a pigment are wide, but always require a deliberate hand. In using nero di marte, the painter seeks to build upon what is already there on the canvas, perhaps to embolden it or to give it weight. Either way, whatever the end result, the process is one of sullying transformation.

Like fellow visionaries and past touring mates Gorguts and Origin, Nero Di Marte is a band capable of spinning past brilliance into new worlds. In , after a handful of releases, they changed their name, rebranded their sonic identity and set to work on their first record as Nero Di Marte. The self-titled debut, which came out in , saw the band moving in a decidedly more atmospheric direction.

But while technically impressive, Nero Di Marte did not quite transcend regularity.


In , that technicality has not suffered, but it has been reined in. The band on Derivae—still the same four guys it has always been—adheres more seriously to a fresh sound by focusing its attack and expanding its arsenal of atmospherics. Guitar solos are out, replaced by serrated riffs that make jagged swipes at the rhythm section. Instead of palm-muted bursts, there are sustained chords that grind beneath pummeled toms.

No longer does Nero Di Marte sound like a group of talented players; here, it sounds like a single, breathing unit. Neither does the fluidity of the compositions waver. The band writes to its strengths, and one of its greatest strengths is its internal chemistry. Melodic motifs rise and fall, prone to return at any time. Six minutes and one impressive bass performance later, this same guitar line resurfaces, brutish and scorned.

Technically demanding music, no matter the genre, can easily err on the side of sterility. In contrast, Derivae, which has been in the works for three years, is so spacious and vast one almost fears death by aural drowning. Derivae is an entirely analog recording, and it is huge. These songs, governed as they are by ebbs and flows, churn all the more violently for the depth afforded them by the production. Nero Di Marte may be working with familiar shades, but on Derivae it pushes them to extremes that only master-class musicians can achieve. Even with all the monstrous steps forward in terms of modern production for heavy metal albums, some bands still record straight analogue.

Even with bands still recording like this, rarely do they just leave it exactly how it was first recorded. Nero Di Marte, a post-metal band from Bologna, Italy, decided to do exactly this. What you hear is what you get, and boy this album is a well-crafted composition. This record has a sound that is expansive.

From orchestrated dissonance to bellowing guitar riffs, guttural yells to vicious screams, pounding drums to intricate grooves, this album has a variety of ways to strike with.

Primo viaggio su Marte (salita sul Monte Thabor, quota 3178 m)

Usually I let the length of songs get the best of me. Derivae is intelligently written. The poly rhythms are maddening because of their shifting of time signatures. Each song has a way of building out of dissonance with destructive results. Without any outside production after the initial recording processes, this album sounds raw and definitively massive. Congratulations to this band from Italy. In the span of 30 minutes, all of their instruments and gear were stolen from their touring van. With losses hovering around While Nero di Marte and Void of Sleep ultimately fell short of their monetary goal, Split MMXIV, a split EP created as a present for all Indiegogo donators, proved that both bands still had plenty of fight and creative verve left in the tank.

Now Nero Di Marte are back with their second full-length album in Derivae, an emotionally taxing sojourn of atmospheric density and progressive craftsmanship that leaves their self-titled debut panting in the dust. Whereas the self-titled debut was no doubt intelligent, mysterious, and jagged, Derivae has emerged its elemental superior, ushering in moods and dynamics that seem outlandish only a year removed.

An unsettling breed of progressive metal, Nero di Marte fuse components of death and sludge with a distinctly ambient and haunting approach. Additionally, the vocal work of Worrel sounds considerably more passionate, employing a multilingual stance that witnesses an array of polarizing emotions, sung in both trembling cleans and effusive, despairing cries. On first listen Derivae may seem too even, too blue and gray and neutral to be deemed anything more than just a cluster of talented musicians playing seven songs of the same cheerless shade.

Li stavate aspettando. Lo sappiamo. Qui ritorniamo al punto di partenza. Questo disco lo stavate attendendo in tanti ma, esattamente, che cosa gli chiedevate? Siete sicuri di saperlo? Di fronte a cotanta opulenza strumentale perdoniamo qualche imperfezione nel cantato di Worrell. It was awesome. For one, the scope is just as massive and brooding as before. Strangely though, not every track is an instant banger. E, francamente, nessuno nel mondo concepisce un metal paragonabile a quello composto da questi quattro ragazzi nel Grande merito della resa sonora di questo lavoro mastodontico va dato a Paso dello Studio73, grazie alla sua produzione puramente analogica che ha contribuito a creare un disco vivo e pulsante.

Buona parte dei gruppi che ricevono consensi dalla critica e dal pubblico tendono, per paura di non deludere le aspettative, a proporre nuovo materiale con minimi cambi nella scrittura dei brani. Tutto questo senza perdere un minimo di potenza e pesantezza. Un incedere marziale e un cantato completamente in italiano sono i suoi tratti distintivi. Il basso pulsante e linee vocali passionali si contrappongo a chitarre nervose che passano da languidi arpeggi a momenti dissonanti e disturbati. Possiamo tranquillamente dire che i Nero di Marte sono riusciti nel non facile compito di avere un loro suono distinguibile e personale.

Un disco di difficile assimilazione che una volta compreso non vorrete smettere di ascoltare. Lasciatevi trascinare alla deriva. Dosi per un full-length sui 58 minuti: - un bicchiere di Neurosis, - due cucchiaiate di Isis, - una porzione di The Ocean, - una tavoletta di Mastodon, - una spruzzata di Gojira corretti ai Meshuggah, - un pizzico di drone, - sperimentalismo q. Preparazione: Versare il tutto in una casseruola, mixare e lasciare sobbollire. Spegnere solo al sopraggiungere di fumi grigiastri e solforosi. Si azzardano addirittura ad utilizzare il cantato in italiano, con risultati decisamente al di sopra della media.

Raccomandato a tutti gli orfani degli Isis, ai fedelissimi dei Neurosis e ai nostalgici dei migliori The Ocean. Un album immenso: punto. This song features big, crashing guitar chords and vocals beneath the wall of sound. This sonic swirl slows down toward the end to get more atmospheric. The guitar is slowly added in and vocals are a chant below the instrumentation. A major portion of this song is instrumental and this number ends where it started, with an instrumental outro.

This is complex and dense music. Nero Di Marte are not your conventional band; they do things differently.

marte italian edition Ebook

Rather than catchy riffs or hooks, instead they play riffs that merge and flow with each other to build up a complex tapestry over time. As the songs progress it becomes clear very early on that a lot of thought has gone into these compositions. These are masterfully crafted tracks that are as engaging as they are entrancing. Derivae sounds very warm, with the drums in particular having a very satisfying feel to them.

This feels like real music, not just something pieced together and let loose with minimal feeling. Some time thereafter Prosthetic signed a band called Nero Di Marte that, from the teaser supplied by said label, seemed to continue this very interesting sound. Good call in my honest opinion. Read on and find out.

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The name of the game is still progressive death metal mixed with post metal and ambient passages but everything has been brought up a couple of notches. However there is a clean er vocal part in Pulsar that especially exemplifies this improvement when compared to the clean part on Time Dissolves which was one of the weaker spots of the self-titled. Despite this special mention of the vocals I am in no way implying that the rest of the band have been left behind. It never feels exhausting or stretched thin as every part, heavy or soft, fast or slow, is there for an apparent reason within the ebb and flow of this musical journey.

This, like the vocals, is quite an interesting departure from the self titled album. While I think this album is definitely stronger overall I feel like I have a harder time figuring out a standout track or moment. A comparison that never really came into my mind with the first album was Eryn Non Dae but I felt them popping up quite frequently, mostly in the ambient sections though. This, however, is not true for Derivae or the self-titled for that matter where honestly everything seems to be there for a purpose.

I realize that this review is possibly a bit vague but honestly it could have been two words and two words alone:.

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I had really high expectations after the first album and although it took a couple of listens Derivae has blown me away and topped it in almost every way. For this premiere? Nor is it anything remotely close to sane. This Italian Progressive Death Metal quartet have created something quite dynamic. Exceedingly unusual and fearless, this is them finding light in the dark.