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A spokesperson for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Sweden told The Local that it was aware of the latest gang rape allegations, but that the claims were a matter for Finnish police. Whereas Swedes are often offered consulate assistance if they are arrested abroad, a Nordic cooperation agreement means that this is not the case if they are accused of crimes in Norway, Denmark or Finland. Get notified about breaking news on The Local. Popular articles What changes about life in Sweden in July ?

Head to Sweden Swedish supermarkets to stop selling disposable barbecues.

Five unusual things you can do in Malta. The free service helping foreign companies to establish in Stockholm. Five ways expats can benefit from international health insurance. More news Swedish gang leader shot dead in Copenhagen. Sweden just had its hottest day of the year so far. Stockholm's international library is moving and not everyone's pleased. Landmark case: Swedish court fines man for not deleting hate speech on Facebook.

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I'm looking for crashed cars.

How to book ferries from Poland to Sweden

View all discussions. Jobs in Europe SE. Business Development Manager - Germany. Projektleiter - Datenschutz und Governance. Java Developer - Data Integration. Application Manager. C Developer Full Stack.

How to book ferries from Sweden to Latvia

ICT Enterprise Architect. Business Process Analyst. There are numerous scheduled ferry services sailing to and from Sweden. Most ferries are the more luxurious cruise ferry ships but some are commercial freight vferries with limited passenger accommodation. Peter Lin e. The rocky coastline of Sweden is dotted with thousands of small islands, some green and lush, others craggy and barren.

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There are five main archipelagos on the eastern and the western sides of the country, particularly around Gothenburg and Stockholm. Steep cliffs, rolling hills and narrow valleys sit side-by-side calm lakes and deep bays along the High Coast on the Gulf of Bothnia. Along the coast of Sweden and its archipelagos there are many watersports to enjoy, including yachting, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, kite boarding and water skiing. For nature lovers, the wildlife and in particular the seals, sea birds and sea life are a treat.

Swedish design, music, art and literature are admired the world over. That Sweden punches way above its weight, historically and in modern times, in terms of the impact of its culture around the globe is without doubt. Perhaps descriptive of Swedes as people. But instead of analysing Swedes perhaps we should just enjoy and celebrate the sheer showbiz of ABBA, the functionality and aesthetic of Swedish design, the peace prize of dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel and the Swedish folklore-inspired works of Astrid Lindgren.

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  • And much, much more. Swedish History - You can discover that Sweden was a major power in Europe in the 17th century by visiting the many beautifully castles, palaces and manor houses from the period?

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    Or that 3, years ago the people of Tanum, now a World Heritage site, carved depictions of their lives and customs onto rocks, perhaps so that we would discover them. The museum building, the presentation of the ship and its artefacts have to be seen to be believed — unmissable. It sits on the edge of the Great Pit, the site of a giant cave-in in The museum tells the story of the mine and the company that ran it and it has received the highest ranking from the Michelin Guide.

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    And they should know. Kalmar Castle in eastern Sweden, sits on a headland jutting out into Kalmar Strait. It dates from the 14th century and was rebuilt in the 16th century. It is also famous for its amazingly well preserved pre-Viking and Viking historical sites. Many tourists from English-speaking countries wonder where they can see real Vikings.

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    Unfortunately, they have not been around for a thousand years. While most Swedish, Norwegian and Danish people of these days were not Vikings, but sedentary farmers or fishermen, some men and in a few cases women joined expeditions of trade, exploration and piracy, reaching as far as present-day Canada, Morocco and the Caspian Sea.

    As the pagan Scandinavians were christened around AD , the Viking raids declined. There are still traces from the Viking age, such as runestones and burial mounds, everywhere in Sweden. The Viking Age heritage has been contorted through history - romanticized during the 19th century, abused by neo-Nazis, but more truthfully re-enacted by neo-pagans and live-action roleplayers. Most Swedes are proud of their Viking roots, though they don't take it very seriously. The World's Stinkiest Fish Dish! It's herring which is fermented in a tin can until the can starts to bulge and almost bursts.

    It is claimed that the best way to get over the smell is to take a deep breath of it just when you open the can, to as quickly as possible knock out your smelling sense.