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What is a Third Order Carmelite?

Rayce Patterson Rohwer has led the way through many OVC courses, completing many independent studies along the way. Photo by Abigail Roberts. Her friend saw Rohwer going on a journey and walking in the full joy of the Lord as she began breaking off the chains of women and children in the spiritual realm. At that time, I didn't know I was called to call people out of physical and emotional bondage too.

As a junior, Rohwer also began volunteering three days a week with Lift, an afterschool program in Upland, where she saw significant changes in the lives of vulnerable children. One particular student Rohwer bonded with came from an abusive home. On this student's hardest day, Rohwer sat with her and listened to the many hurts bubbling over from this student's childhood. We so need laborers here fighting for the rights and equality of children. And there is hope with the tools that we're learning: social policy and advocacy, learning about how to best listen and sit with children.

Pioneering a new major alone is no easy task. Rohwer has been the first to complete any advanced OVC classes, as even now the program directors are still trying to figure out what classes they want to be officially in the program. This led to many independent studies and difficult first projects.


To see her walk with the Lord, wow, she's amazing with her sense of calling. Moeschberger highlighted Rohwer's personality and flexibility as the perfect fit for her role as a pioneer for the program. Really seen. In her research, the storyteller separated her subjects by the idea of worthiness.

She questioned: Did they have a strong sense of love and belonging?

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What do these people have in common? In addition to this courage of imperfection, Brown found that these whole-hearted individuals possess compassion, connection and — wait for it — vulnerability. They had the strength to be sensitive, authentic and empathetic. Most importantly, they allowed themselves to be exposed.

They see any hole in their armor as a source of strength. These beautiful flaws make them human and their humanity makes them happy. As women, we often discourage living a life exposed. We may worry that this openness will leave us defenseless and weak in the eyes of others, especially men. She was among many who were captured by the Amalekites when they raided Ziklag, but then retrieved by David and his men.

Abigail did not have an easy life. Marg Mowczko lives north of Sydney, Australia, in a house filled with three generations of family. She strongly believes that if we are in Christ we are part of the New Creation and part of a community where old social paradigms of hierarchies and caste or class systems have no place 2 Cor. This article has been helpful. My favourite woman in the bible. Hence my email address xxxxx1sam It used to be Abigail1 sam I was like Abigail in an unfortunate marriage. God moved him out of my life, not on quite the same way he moved Nabel which is probably a good thing and gave me to a David.

My own Prince David. The first time I read about Abigail I had hope that God would deliver me in his own way and his own time. My responsibility was to be that beautiful and intelligent woman ie be a woman of strength and character. Keep my heart free from bitterness, being the wife that God called me to be. I am happy for you. A happy marriage is a tremendous blessing.


I always love hearing about happy marriages. God wants us to be happy in marriage. My granddaughter will be born today, at 16weeks due to tragic circumstances. Abigail will always live in our hearts. This Bible story happened to be part of our Sunday school lifeway lessons this week. I teach the 2nd grade Sunday school class at our church with a friend. You can do it. God will bless u and give u some one that will show love. I forgot all about it, came home, later on mm no mmwas almost asleep, and suddenly sat up, grabbed the Bible, and started at 1 Samuel 25, then I prayed and cried.

God is soooo good and blesses me daily. I am also looking for a novel or book that is about Abigail and Nabal and David, so if you know of any, please reply to my post. I agree, God is soooo good in the way he blesses us. But maybe some other people reading this can offer suggestions. I am Abigail! I was married for 27 years to a man like Nabal. He went to my office to ask me to sign the divorce papers; he was involved with a woman from my church. He took everything from me. I have struggled financially and asked God why so many times. For 4 yrs. I worked 2 jobs, many, many days from am to pm.

Every minute I asked God why, why me? Not knowing or remembering why my dad choose that name for me. Dear Abigail, I said a prayer for a miracle and financial miracle. I am Abigail too. I am married to a Nabel as well. Well, without the wealth. Every day is a hardship. Some days are a little better.

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Let me try to describe my husband. I would say 6 days of the week, he is angry and hates everyone. He blames everything on me. Repeats daily of records of wrong about me. Nags about negativity of everyone including me and our children. Calls me bad horrible names. Has never gone out as a family this includes camping, trips, visiting friends and family, shopping, etc.

Just me and our three children. I can go on forever. I feel like I am a single mom with four children. Therefore, this makes me feel alone. Worst yet, I am the only provider with one income. Therefore, everything I do I have to make right choices or there be no food on the table and no roof over your heads. Often times, If I would wished that.. I wondered how that feels.

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I wanted love, security, and protection. About 2 years ago, I discovered that only God can fulfill those. Then my eyes were open and I understood and experienced that God is my Father and my Husband. God is sooo wonderful to me. Through all this, God has been providing and blessing me and my family.

The pain that I am in, God has made my strong, His grace is sufficient enough for me. I have learned to be content with what I have and what I was going through. I began to thank God that husband is my throne … I am soo thankful and honor because this makes me long, thirst, and desire more of my God. Through my struggles, my God is my husband and my father. I wait and rely on Him alone for my expectation comes from Him, not my husband. I know that all my pain and trials are opportunities for maturity in Christ. So I daily rejoice and allow God to execute His miracles through my difficulties.

I know that God has chosen me to be his wife because He knew that I am the only perfect and capable women on this plant to be his wife. So I consider this as privilege and an honor that God has trusted me.

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I will not disappoint God. I will not give up. I will not retreat. The spirit who lives in me is much greater than the spirit of this world. Now this is worth living for. I want and desire my life to be a living love letter so all can see and read my life. I am living in victory and I am running to finish my race so I will receive my crown in heaven. Thank you Jesus! I too am an Abigail. I have been married for 21 years to my Nabal. He is a Christian man whose faith is very weak except when it comes to making money.

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God has used me to endure attacks from him because I was helping him to stay out of jail. He was using the men in the ministry to try and start something illegal in our ministry, which we now longer have, but God gave me the courage to face the enemy and tell the men not to do it. This happened on several occasions. I love my husband and God told me if I left him it would destroy him. I was sceptical, wondering if I had really heard the Lord. But as I was sharing with a close friend of mine what I was going through, she told me the exact same thing. This happened within a few minutes, and I was blown away.

I wait with that peace that surpasses all understanding for God to have his way in my marriage. My husband is in a bad way. Physically, his body is breaking down and he is doing horrible things that truly goes against God. I am afraid for him. Pray for me because God has been revealing some things to me that are making me a little nervous in a good way but totally different way.

Enjoying life to the fullest. I am so glad he blessed me to find this website. God bless all you wonderful sisters of mine. Love you. Stay encouraged. My Abigail was born in , 16, For sure she brought happiness into our marriage. Even has the money and fame, but leaves me broke home alone with our boys etc…it goes on and on for 16 years now.. Even found out his health is not good can have a massive heart attack or stroke if he dosent take care of himself..

I do pray and would love to have other women pray in aggreement with me that God will remove this Nabel out of my life and give me my King David..

How 'Heart Mama Life' Has Helped Me Embrace Being Vulnerable

I am Abigail. I constantly ask for wisdom and understanding about things. I ask God for his help and allowing me to see both sides. I pray for peace and healing for my family. And that God will allow me the courage to let go of someone that has pushed us all out. I have been married ten years to a wealthy Nabal. I have everything I could possibly ever want, beautiful children, a great and satisfying career, but no peace, because my husband is simply a boor.

I am praying for my David to come, and I believe he will come. What a great article — Abigail is one of my favourite women of the Bible and I have studied it many times but your article gave me new insight into her biblical submission, which I had never before considered, thank you.