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It should be noted that this Captain Nathaniel Basse was probably not a closely-related member of the Basye family in America told of in this book notwithstanding the common origin of the names. Our italics.

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Consideration of these matters are not out of place because there are ramifications to meaning and pronunciation that can lead research into specific directions. What it means and how it is said can also guide us in where we might look for antecedents as we seek to "beard," as Isaac Walter Basye said, the Basye clan in times far past.

Nucleotide sequencing and haplogrouping are new, but these scientific methods are revolutionizing in astounding ways what families know about their own lineage. We are taking note of these new tools, while striving understand the Basye vortex energies in their historical and cultural dimension. Nietzsche wrote a work called The Genealogy of Morals. Neither of those works pretend to anything resembling physical genetic sequencing -- they instead use the analogy of phylogenetics and the accretion of powerful ideas and patterns of thinking "memes" as a way of understanding immediate experience.

So we are talking about the genealogy of ideas, of perceptions, although we believe that science will end up showing that our thoughts and our genes are not as distinct as it might appear -- i. There is a relationship -- it is exactly that which makes evolution possible. And today, there is increasing evidence that mental and environmental factors get coded into genes, even heritable genes, much faster than anyone thought was possible. But mostly, this is about "memes," in their now-traditional definition as a units of cultural energy, of mind-stuff, and pretty much as defined by Richard Dawkins, who coined the term.

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From Wikipedia's article on "meme" :. The British scientist Richard Dawkins introduced the word "meme" in The Selfish Gene as a basis for discussion of evolutionary principles in explaining the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena. Examples of memes given in the book included melodies, catch-phrases, beliefs notably religious beliefs , clothing fashion, and the technology of building arches.

In the case of Basye, VA, those energies involve native American, German, French and many other components -- and hence, in addition to the Basye family cultural history, we should also be interested in the Barbs, the Funkhousers and the Dellingers -- and the Shawnee, and the Shendo But only the Basyes gave their name to the village. The deeper question of origins. As a surname of relatively recent history in this frame of reference, anything postth C. Their immediate port of departure for America might have been England, Holland or other European country, but their ancestry is Norman French.

In the Bryce area the Basye family roots go back at least to the early 19th C. For our purposes of great interest would be to follow, to the extent possible, a subject that also fascinated Isaac and Otto Basye: the genealogical-cultural thread of the family in the centuries preceding the emigration of Basyes from France -- in other words, the French Basyes, the English Basyes, and those of the lineage who came before -- the other groups whose movements in Europe and in the very distant past, into Europe, remain largely unknown. It may not be my privilege to push the genealogical investigation further than to the vessel that brought him—a Huguenot—from France, but I'd enjoy bearding him in his original home beyond old ocean's waves.

What was the family genealogy and history in France?

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And before that Otto Basye does not refute this directly, by the way, but he sidesteps the question, probably because other than one or two references in written materials, he does not have evidence of it. If he prefers a Northern version of migration to France for the Basyes, it is because his oldest data points for the Basye family name in public records take us to England in the 11th C. In it the author states:. Basye is French. It has been claimed that the family came to France in about the 13th century from that part of northern Spain inhabited by the Basques near the Bay of Biscay and that Edward de Basye was a personal friend of Henry of Navarre.

People by the name still reside in Alsace-Lorraine. The book also relates the rather exotic story of one "Alejandro Basye," a Frenchman with a hispanic first name, it appears , who sailed to the Philippines to the island of Samar, there to marry a princess and to found a town called Basye "or Basia," a spelling which echoes the Biblical form of the name see below. Is there substance to a Spanish theory of origins of the Basyes?

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Depends on what you mean by "Spanish. Adapted from Muir's Historical Atlas , Other maps to follow the progression through the centuries, can be found here. Questions of whether the ancestors of the Basyes are related to Basques, or whether they were part of the cultural and intellectual ferment of Spain in the mid- to late Middle Ages 8th to 14th C.

The map above, depicting the 5th C. Where the paper trail runs out, genealogical genetics steps in. Would it be totally useless to look for traces of Basye genealogy in such places?

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We don't think so The Huguenots had spiritual if not genealogical anchors in the Holy Land. Let's not forget that the Cross of the Huguenots combined the French royal fleur-de-lis with the cross of the Knights of Malta. The latter were established in Jerusalem in CE. Design dates to It can be used under the terms of version 1. The Huguenots, Basyes among them no doubt, were persecuted by the Roman Catholic monarchy of France and fled abroad in steady numbers "like the passing of sands through an hour glass," writes O.

He was a member of the Brotherhood of Breath, a big band comprising several South African exiles and leading musicians of the British free jazz scene in the s and is the founder of Viva la Black and The Dedication Orchestra. His first album under his own name, Spirits Rejoice on Ogun Records, is considered a classic example of the combination of British and South African players.

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  4. In the early s, Moholo was also a member of the afro-rock band Assagai. He now goes under the name Louis Moholo-Moholo because the name is more ethnically authentic. Most of his performances were rooted in jazz, but he was also active in free improvisation and occasionally contributed to rock music recordings. Wheeler wrote over one hundred compositions and was a skilled arranger for small groups and large ensembles. Wheeler was born in Toronto, Ontario, on 14 January Growing up in Toronto, he began playing cornet at age 12, and became interested in jazz in his mid-teens.

    Wheeler spent a year studying composition at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto in In he moved to Britain. In the late s, he was a member of Buddy Featherstonhaugh's quintet together with Bobby Wellins. Wheeler performed and recorded his own compositions with large jazz ensembles throughout his career, beginning with the first album under his own name, Windmill Tilter , recorded with the John Dankworth band. The big band album Song for Someone fused Wheeler's characteristic orchestral writing with passages of free improvisation provided by musicians such as Evan Parker and Derek Bailey, and was also named Album of the Year by Melody Maker magazine in It has subsequently been reissued on CD by Parker's Psi label.

    In the mids, Wheeler became a close participant in the nascent free improvisation movement in London, playing with John Stevens Parker, the Spontaneous Music Ensemble and the Globe Unity Orchestra. Despite the above-noted accomplishments, much of his reputation rests on his work with smaller jazz groups. Wheeler's first small group recordings to gain significant critical attention were Gnu High and Deer Wan , both for the ECM label Gnu High is one of the few albums to feature Keith Jarrett as a sideman since his tenure with Charles Lloyd. This had three other Canadian musicians and was recorded in St.

    Wheeler was the trumpet player in the Anthony Braxton Quartet from to , and from he was also a member of the chamber jazz group Azimuth with John Taylor and Norma Winstone. Later life. In Wheeler received widespread critical praise for his album Angel Song, which featured an unusual "drummerless" quartet of Bill Frisell guitar , Dave Holland bass and Lee Konitz alto sax. Wheeler died after a short period of frail health at a nursing home in London on 18 September He was 84 years old. Foxes Fox. Personnel: Evan Parker -tenor saxophone Steve Beresford -piano John Edwards -doublebass Louis Moholo-Moholo -percussion Kenny Wheeler -trumpet, flugelhorn Click an artist name above to see in-stock items for that artist.

    Highlight an instrument above and click here to Search for albums with that instrument. Please Contact Us so that we can update this biography.

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    Wheeler was the patron of the Royal Academy Junior Jazz course. Later life In Wheeler received widespread critical praise for his album Angel Song, which featured an unusual "drummerless" quartet of Bill Frisell guitar , Dave Holland bass and Lee Konitz alto sax. Foxes Set 1 2. Foxes Set 2 3. Foxes Set 3 A dream in crisis?

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