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He previously served as Amazon. July 13, John C. July 29, Artist Vincent Van Gogh died in France at the age of 37 after shooting himself two days earlier. Congress designated Yosemite a National Park. He was killed while being arrested in the federal government's crackdown on the Ghost Dance movement. Cavalry troopers fired on Lakota Sioux who had gathered. The killing of hundreds of unarmed men, women, and children essentially marked the end of Native American resistance to white rule in the West.

March 17, The St. April 7, American showman Phineas T. Barnum died in Bridgeport, Connecticut at the age of At the time of his death he was not well remember for his classic novel about whaling, but more for earlier books set in the South Seas. December 4, One of the richest men in America, financier Russell Sage, was nearly blown to bits in a bizarre dynamite attack in his Manhattan office.

Muir's campaigning for conservation would exert an influence on American life in the 20th century. July 6, The Homestead Steel Strike in western Pennsylvania turned into a ferocious day-long battle between Pinkerton men and townspeople. August 4, Andrew Borden and his wife were murdered in Fall River, Massachusetts and his daughter Lizzie Borden was accused of the gruesome crime.

November 8, Grover Cleveland won the U. January 17, Rutherford B. Hayes , who became president following the disputed election of , died in Ohio at the age of February Thomas A. Edison finished building his first motion picture studio.

March 4, Grover Cleveland was inaugurated as president of the United States for the second time. May A decline in the New York stock market triggered the Panic of , which led to an economic depression second only to the Great Depression of the s. June 20, Lizzie Borden was acquitted of murder. March 25, Coxey's Army , a march to protest unemployment that was largely the result of the Panic of , departed from Ohio on its way to Washington, D.

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April 30, Coxey's Army reached Washington, D. Kenmare is the Goose Capital of North Dakota. Kenmare is the hunting haven of the north with an annual snow goose count being over , birds. Flickertail refers to the Richardson ground squirrels which are abundant in North Dakota. The animal flicks or jerks its tail in a characteristic manner while running or just before entering its burrow.

ALASKA: The first Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race took place in 1973.

From to the Civilian Conservation Corps maintained a base camp near Medora to perform landscape and restoration work on the acre Chateau de Mores State Historic Site and the de Mores City Park, which opened to the public on August 7, Before returning home to New York, he became interested in the cattle business and established the Maltese Cross Ranch and the Elkhorn Ranch. The world famous Paul Broste Rock Museum in Parshall is built of natural granite quarried from the area. The entire structure was constructed with volunteer labor and opened for business in Paul called it his Acropolis on a hill.

Named after Henry D.

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Minot, a young entrepreneurial visionary from the east, the town of Minot was conceived in the late s. With the impending arrival of the Great Northern Railroad the town site was actually selected in November of Its phenomenal growth led to the early nickname Magic City.

It is held the third weekend of September and boasts a variety of antique farm machinery Founded in Fort Berthold Community College is a tribally chartered college located on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation near the town of New Town.

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Niewoehner Funeral Home in Rugby has changed the skyline of Rugby with the construction of a 30 foot tower containing 13 bells. The largest bells, of which there are two, are 40 inches in diameter and weigh about 1, pounds each. Only one word is needed to describe Lake Sakakawea country - big. From the massive two-mile long Garrison Dam near Riverdale to the end of Lake Sakakawea near Williston, Lake Sakakawea is nearly miles long with a shoreline of countless bays and inlets that cover 1, miles.

The American elm Ulmus americana is the official state tree and is commonly found across North Dakota.

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The American elm often reaches feet or taller. In Rutland hosted what was considered the grand daddy of all celebrations when the town went into the "Guinness Book of World Records" with the cooking and eating of the World's Largest Hamburger. That year, between 8 and 10 thousand people came to sample the tasty pound burger. The rich heritage of Grand Forks is preserved at the Myra Museum featuring an 's home dedicated to pioneer women, a one-room school, carriage house, and the city's original log Post Office.

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Turtle Lake celebrates turtles, hard-shelled reptiles often found in the water. Turtle Lake has erected a two-ton sculpture of a turtle near the entrance to the city. Of the 50 states North Dakota is 17th in size, with 70, square miles. North Dakota is miles long north to south and miles wide east to west. Lawrence Welk left his home in Strasburg on his birthday in to pursue his musical career.

On July 2, , he made his debut on national television. The Lawrence Welk Show was produced for 26 years and today reruns of the popular program air weekly throughout the United States and foreign countries.

The Lewis and Clark expedition encountered their first grizzly brown bears in North Dakota. A foot-high bronze statue of Sakakawea and her baby son Baptiste stands at the entrance to the North Dakota Heritage Center on the state capitol grounds in Bismarck.

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The statue, by Chicago artist Leonard Crunelle, depicts Sakakawea with her baby strapped to her back and looking westward toward the country she helped to open. Among his enterprises were a beef packing plant, a stagecoach line, a freighting company, refrigerated railway cars, cattle and sheep raising, land ownership and a new town which he called Medora.

The piles of rock on White Butte, North Dakota's highest point, are known of as rock johnnies or sheepherder's monuments and according to legend were piled there by sheepherders as a way to pass the time while they tended their flocks. In the North Dakota Motor Vehicle Department, on its own initiative, placed the words Peace Garden State on license plates; the name proved so popular that it was formally adopted by the legislature. The official state flower is the wild prairie rose. The flower sports five bright pink petals with a tight cluster of yellow stamens in the center. The state rose grows along roadsides, in pastures and in native meadows.

The Big Hidatsa village site was occupied from about to and is the largest of three Hidatsa communities near the mouth of the Knife River. It is believed to contain the best-defined earth lodge depressions of any major Native American site in the Great Plains.