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In the mail server architecture, it operates at the same level of trust as security products such as spam filters. Figure 3 summarizes how LightNeuron operates.

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The email addresses used in these rules are customized for each victim in order to target the most interesting people. At the end of the rules, there is the list of the handlers implemented by LightNeuron. These functions are used in the rules to process the emails. Table 1 describes the eleven different handlers. The command handler is different from the others that perform modifications on the emails. It is actually a backdoor controlled by emails. The attackers just have to send an email containing a specially crafted PDF document or JPG image to any email address of the compromised organization.

It allows full control over the Exchange server by using the commands shown in Table 2. Once an email is recognized as a command email, the command is executed and the email is blocked directly on the Exchange server. Thus, it is very stealthy and the original recipient will not be able to view it.

Thus, even if the email is intercepted, it might look legitimate, as it contains a valid attachment. In the case of a PDF, the command data can be anywhere in the document.

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LightNeuron operators just add a header at the beginning of the PDF to specify the offset at which the data is located, as shown in Figure 5. Once this blob of data has been decrypted with AES, it reveals a custom structure shown in Figure 6. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Too Far by Rich Shapero. An exhilarating and heart-breaking story of an end to innocence that follows two six-year-olds as they take refuge from their turbulent homes by exploring the mysterious woodland beyond.

Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Robbie , Fristeen. Alaska United States. Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Too Far , please sign up. How old would you recommed being to read this book?? Rich Shapero Hi Ava, thanks for your question. Despite the age of the protagonists, and the fact that it reads like a parable, Too Far is decidedly not for kids.

There are books for children that work for adults. And there are books that seem to be for children, but are really for adults. Too Far belongs to the latter group. Its bittersweet. The perfect mixture of horror, and romance. Rich Shapero Great! Thanks for letting me know your thoughts about Too Far. See 2 questions about Too Far…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 25, Carol P rated it really liked it. My daughter came home for a college break with this novel, which she was given for free on campus.

Which is where Mom comes in … Just finished it, and, well -- like daughter like mother! What an entrancing book. I finished it in just two sittings. They create a fantasy world in the forest behind their homes, and that world is much richer than the lives of their parents. But that world comes at a cost. Their fantasy world, born of their dreams — which are born, in turn, of their struggles at home — includes clever characters who often talk in verse.

Some are imaginative idealizations of their parents -- who the kids really want their parents to be. And sometimes the words he chooses to evoke the natural landscape are such big ones that they produce the opposite effect.

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This is especially true for Too Far, where the forest is seen and experienced through the eyes of six-year-old children. Overall though, I was very moved by this book, taken with its ideas, and surprised by its ending. When I looked at the author's website, I noticed that he is a fan of William Blake. Funny, because as I was reading Too Far, this well-known Blake quote came to mind: "If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern.

I look forward to reading more by Rich Shapero. As I write, he has just one other book out, Wild Animus. Jul 13, Renee rated it did not like it. I came on here to vent right after I finished reading it. Maybe if I was on acid I'd understand this book better. It was a good, although not very original idea; two kids escaping their problems and exploring the forest and enjoying their magical childhood days that parents forget about, okay nice. I was hoping it would b I came on here to vent right after I finished reading it.

I was hoping it would bring me back to my happy careless days as a kid. I can't even remember the last time I did that with a book. Usually I read every single sentence. I like it when I don't have to rack my brain to find the meaning of phrases while reading, thank you very much. There were too many weird metaphors, I had no idea what the weird sex? Or that Shivers guy that argued that dreams were better than thoughts or something?? Shivers WAS creepy though, good job on that part, even though he confused me as well.

And the kids acted way too old for their age. They're SIX!!! And, like someone else said, the sexual tension between the kids was very disturbing. Rolling around on top of each other naked? I never understood what they meant in the end when they were talking about wanting to go up into smoke like the gods or whatever; did they want to have sex or kill themselves or what?? At one point it sounded like the burning up thing was about Robbie's parents having sex, but then it was about something else I didn't get, and then It was also boring, and had no plot; just kids walking in and out of a forest whose description made me feel like I'd been secretly drugged while reading it.

My brain still feels tangled and blurry and foggy half an hour after reading this. I'm trying to stop trying to understand it, hahaha. It felt like a wanna-be version of Alice in Wonderland or Bridge to Terabithia. Oh, and I didn't care for the characters much, either.

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I don't recommend it or plan on reading it again. I'll probably give it away soon. View all 3 comments. This book is a long way from my usual fayre being more fairy-tale than a real story, the story line is a bit thin to put it mildly, but that said I found it rather pleasurable escapism just like that for the two children.

The story for what it is is about two 6 year-old children escaping the crumbling relationships of their parents into their imaginations and the wild Alaskan landscape around their homes. At times you can see the author's musical background in his descriptions which are almost ly This book is a long way from my usual fayre being more fairy-tale than a real story, the story line is a bit thin to put it mildly, but that said I found it rather pleasurable escapism just like that for the two children. At times you can see the author's musical background in his descriptions which are almost lyrical but at times this did seem a little overdone and almost felt contrived.

Some of the sexual references I certainly felt were overdone,considering it is supposed to be from the viewpoint of such young children. I felt that the ending when it came was a little rushed and felt a little confused as to how Grace and Robbie's Dad happened to be at the cabin together to rescue them and did the cabin burn down or not. I mean were they really having an affair? But that said I loved the open ended nature of the ending, the idea that there is a place somewhere where we can all escape the pressures of everyday life even for a short time is to a certain extent up-lifting and is surely why we all read anyway.

My one real gripe is that I would have preferred the two kids to be older, as some of the imagery and language just did not feel right for two such innocents. This was one of the better self-published books I have read. Would I read another Rich Shapero book?

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I probably would not go out and buy one but if one were to cross my path then maybe. Feb 29, Scot rated it it was amazing. Sweet, on various levels. Warning: This review is way longer than my other ones, given that this whole iPad app multimedia concept has me kind of ganked. I'll start with the format: I think this kind of story-telling is the proverbial Next Thing. As an aspiring writer who also plays music and likes to make art, I was duly inspired. This is apparently his second effort. More on these later.

The story centers on two six-year-olds who explore the forest behind their houses in Alaska. You really get the sense that this guy, in his time, has spent some quality time in the woods. He knows his trees and plants and has looked into them, deeply. Is that six-ist? They have an Extreme fantasy life, with mystical gods and oracles and paranormal villains and similar, which enables them to get very close to each other and also away from their parents — a good thing, because the parents are pretty absentee, or at war with each other, or drugged out, or some combination thereof.

Was that a spoiler? Mea culpa. No wonder their kid spends every moment he can in the forest with his friend. I think this is available for iPad only. If you have one, you can get it for free at the App Store.

Mar 26, Sarah Jacquie rated it it was amazing. My boyfriend came home and then as an after thought being that I am a reading junkie remembered he received a book today. I was interested, "School book? With that he just laid it down and started talking about other things I just finished the book a few minutes ago and I'm I'mpressed. So impressed that I'm thinking of trying to writ My boyfriend came home and then as an after thought being that I am a reading junkie remembered he received a book today.

So impressed that I'm thinking of trying to write the author who judging by his site seems like a neat guy. It was magical, and like the theme, a private kind of magic. To people who have lost that innocence of being a child or the imagination it takes to believe anything is possible, it will feel like reading a book in code - you won't understand.

I am grateful to have been able to have read this I even like to think my boyfriend and his chance gift ended up being just the book I needed to remind me there are still others who see the world the way I am trying to hold onto.

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As far as the boyfriend reading it I guess I'm "dreamy", and I think artsy people will like trying to analyze and interpret the layers of seeming simplicity but heavy symbolic undertones in the book. View 1 comment. Oct 28, Lucy Dawson rated it did not like it Shelves: 1-star , charity-shop-finds. However since I spent money on it I felt obliged to battle on through it. The book features two 6 year olds who venture into the forest and have imaginary adventures together.

Bridge to Terabithia, I hear you cry! No, this is Bridge to Terabithia's wannabe drug addled cousin. The sentences skip around different topics and you can never be sure what they are on about as there's imaginary people in this, but also trees which have names and talk? I think the author must have taken some substance in order to write such utter The language used is far too advanced for a 6 year old.

It reads more like the author has taken all the words he wanted to use, looked them up in the thesaurus and picked the most difficult to understand. The parts about the family backgrounds was interesting but was few and far between. By the end of this book I was skipping massive chunks of the book just to get back to the decent bits.