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Although Marie-Louise was unable to provide her son with much in the way of education, it did not hinder young Alexandre's love of books, and he read everything he could get his hands on. Growing up, his mother's Stories of his father's brave military deeds during the glory years of Napoleon I of France spawned Alexandre's vivid imagination for adventure and heroes.

Although poor, the family still had the father's distinguished reputation and aristocratic connections and after the restoration of the monarchy, twenty-year-old Alexandre Dumas moved to Paris where he obtained employment at the Palais Royal in the office of the powerful duc d'Orleans. Literary career While working in Paris, Dumas began to write articles for magazines as well as plays for the Theatre. In his first solo play, Christine, proved equally popular and as a result, he was financially able to work full time at writing.

However, in , he participated in the revolution that ousted King Charles X and replaced him on the throne with Dumas' former employer, the duc d'Orleans, who would rule as Louis-Philippe, the Citizen King. Until the mid s, life in France remained unsettled with sporadic riots by disgruntled Republicans and impoverished urban workers seeking change. As life slowly returned to normal, the nation began to industrialize and with an improving economy combined with the end of press censorship, the times turned out to be very rewarding for the skills of Alexandre Dumas.

After writing more successful plays, he turned his efforts to novels. Although attracted to an extravagant lifestyle, and always spending more than he earned, Dumas proved to be a very astute business marketer.

With high demand from newspapers for serial novels, in , he simply rewrote one of his plays to create his first serial novel. Titled "Le Capitaine Paul," it led to his forming a production studio that turned out hundreds of stories, all subject to his personal input and direction. Dumas also collaborated with his fencing master Augustin Grisier in his novel The Corsican Brothers as well as Dumas's memoirs. In , he married an actress, Ida Ferrier, but continued with his numerous liaisons with other women, fathering at least three illegitimate children.

One of those children, a son named after him, would follow in his footsteps, also becoming a successful novelist and playwright. Because of their same name and occupation, to distinguish them, one is referred to as Alexandre Dumas pere, French for father the other as Alexandre Dumas, fils French for son. Alexandre Dumas pere wrote stories and historical chronicles of high adventure that captured the imagination of the French public who eagerly waited to purchase the continuing sagas.

Dumas made extensive use of the aid of numerous ghostwriters of which Auguste Maquet was the best known. It was Maquet who outlined the plot of The Three Musketeers and its sequels, as well as several of Dumas' other novels. When working together, Maquet proposed plots and wrote drafts, while Dumas added the details, dialogues, and the final chapters. His writing earned him a great deal of money, but Dumas was frequently broke or in debt as a result of spending lavishly on women and high living.

The large and costly Chateau de Monte Cristo that he built was often filled with strangers and acquaintances who took advantage of his generosity. In Dumas fled to Brussels, Belgium to escape his creditors, and from there he traveled to Russia where French was the second language and his writings were enormously popular. Dumas spent two years in Russia before moving on to seek adventure and fodder for more stories.

For the next three years, Alexandre Dumas would be involved in the fight for a united Italy, returning to Paris in Despite Alexandre Dumas' success and aristocratic connections, his being of mixed-blood would affect him all his life. In , he wrote a short novel, Georges , that addressed some of the issues of race and the effects of colonialism. Nevertheless, racist attitudes impacted his rightful position in France's history long after his death on December 5,